Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panic on 13th (Cassette Only Compilation, 1986)

The first of several cassette-only Eugene compilations came out in 1986 courtesy of our friends at Dunghill Recordings. Many of the participants played in multiple bands on the tape and it's still surprising that there were this many bands at the time considering that there were ZERO venues for them to perform at on a regular basis. That situation didn't right itself for about 4 more years by which point every band that appears here was finished although Rawhead Rex and Uncle Charlie were pretty much Bovine Impulse and Johnson Unit with different names. This tape sold dozens of copies and was the start of it all! This updated post now includes the Snakepit tracks as Mike Johnson has given the blog a thumbs up!

Some notes from Steve Nordby aka Bobby Brady aka the guy who mastered stuff for Dunghill:

"Dunghill grew out of an idea of Al Larson to put together a tape of Eugene bands. We just asked friends to contribute.

The Dunghill investors were Al, Rob, John, and me. We all lost money.

"Panic on 13th" is raw and sweet and lovely and *the* Eugene sound that you hear echoes of decades later.

The Johnson Unit stuff here isn't anywhere else. "What Makes" is loaded with movie titles. (how many can you find). "Can't Afford it It" was a *very* early recording and the tape runs off the reel at the end.

I was impressed with Mind Garage, although I don't think I'd seen them before this compilation.

Saint Huck - It doesn't get any better! Steve P started Snakepit, then Saint Huck, then Cherry Poppin Daddies. To me, Saint Huck makes the rest footnotes. Steve's melodies with Dan Schmidt bass = greatness!

Bovine Impulse - Probably the best Eugene proto-band.

E-13 - Legendary. Too much to say here.

Mooselodge - Yeah!"

Panic on 13th (1986)

1. All Nerves - Snakepit
2. Short Narrative - Snakepit
3. Me & Mine - Snakepit
4. Long Ways Gone - Mind Garage
5. Witching Hour - Mind Garage
6. Another Journey By Bus - Johnson Unit
7. What Makes - Johnson Unit
8. Can't Afford It - Johnson Unit
9. Roseland - Saint Huck
10. Both - Saint Huck
11. (Have You Felt the) Bovine Impulse - Bovine Impulse
12. This Fascist Thing - Bovine Impulse
13. Eat Sleep Work Fuck - Bovine Impulse
14. Big Parade - Moose Lodge
15. Granny Rabbit - Moose Lodge
16. Cheesehead Alert - E-13
17. Courage - Cargo Cult
18. Dominance - Billings Guitar Project


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  3. Steve, your post reminded me that Mike recently gave me the okay to post Snakepit stuff so I've now reuploaded the comp with all tracks included. Going to do the same for Positively 13th and 13th St. Revisited. One Steve P band that you failed to mention was the Jazz Greats. Need to start contacting Steve & Dan to see if they ever recorded that project, it was Robert Christie's favorite Eugene band and I always wanted to hear them.

  4. Glad that Mike gave the OK. And I probably shouldn't drink and comment. It sounds like I'm mad at Mike, but that's not it at all. I just don't understand why he'd not want the songs out there.

  5. For no reason the talking bit from "(Have You Felt the) Bovine Impulse" came back to me this morning. Haven't heard that song since 1987 or so. Internet delivers!

  6. Steve, you may have lost money but think of the GLORY!

  7. This is great, Thanks for all you’re work. I have some E13 interview and live show video. We also contributed to TSOLs movie in the making. Pam Kil monoettes