Thursday, April 9, 2020

Cheezy Trollz - We Dined For Your Sins (CD, 2005 Obscurica)

Damon Votour - Everything Audible?

Ripping off the notes from which seems only fair as they've lifted dozens of pictures from this blog. Although this was recorded in Portland, I believe Cheezy Trollz got their start in Eugene so I say it qualifies.

"The CD you're listening to is the result of bored kids living in Oregon. The weather was bad and there was nothing to do. But there was cheap beer and LSD was plentiful. What you hear is the sound of soggy clothes, bad acid, and PBR. It was recorded on a 4-track in southeast Portland between 1992 and 2000 and mixed in San Francisco in 2003 off 2nd and third generation tapes so the sound quality is poor at times, but hey so are we. If you want something slick, generic, and commercial, you can always buy a Fugazi or Sleater-Kinney release. This Cheezy Trollz release is limited to 250 copies and won't be released in this fashion again. Great care has been given to assure that all 250 packages are different hand-colored and numbered - all filled with different stuff, most of it found on the street. The one cosistency is all CD's will have screen printed canvas covers, come in a plastic bag with a box of macaroni and cheeze, a condom, a spork, a breath mint, and a little pamphlet with cartoons and lyrics. Like the one you are reading right now, Jackass. Bon Appetite. And remember... WE DINED FOR YOUR SINS."

Limited Edition of 250 hand-numbered copies. (Good luck finding one!)
Packaged in a ziploc bag with a 32 page comic book and other assorted items such as photos, macaroni and cheese, and stuff found on the ground.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Bel-Airs (Unreleased Demo, 1986)

The Bel-Airs

Paul Montagne - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Flanagan - Drums
Paul Chandler - Guitar/Vocals
John Chandler - Bass
Stan McMahon - Vocals

The Bel-Airs had one of my favorite tracks on the Positively 13th comp but I never got to see them play. I think they were active again for a show or two a few years back, I seem to remember Adam Glogauer being the drummer. Adam hooked me up with this unreleased demo years ago and I forgot to post it, thank you Adam! The first track is "Someone In Your Eye" but I don't know the names of any of the rest of them, please fill me in if you do! Here are 13 tracks by the Bel-Airs!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Now William - S/T cd 1992

Charlie McClain - Bass/Vocals
Max Striplin - Guitar
David Krueger - Violin/Mandolin/Vocals
Adam Glogauer - Drums

A great history of the band from our comments section on a past Now William post:

The first incarnation of Now William formed in Joseph, Oregon, likely around 1984-85, when I was away for a year as an exchange student. It seems that the name in part came from a song the Benji Heiney sang super imposed over Wang Chung's "Fun Tonight".... Hey Now, Hey Now William. I'm guessing at the time that Now William was Benji Heiney, Tyler Hays, Brian Coughlan and Charlie McClain (and possibly Andrew Crenshaw). I'll have to ask all of them for their recollections. They'll likely correct me all over the place, but me putting this up here forces them to set the record straight on anything I may have incorrect. In any case, in it's early inception, I think Now William was more of a concept of a band then a band and I don't know that they played any shows. All aforementioned people, myself and a couple other "Joseph boys" ended up in Eugene, either at UofO or Lane Community college. Tyler and Brian's version of the band played some house parties circa-1986/1988, during freshman/sophmore years at UofO. One of those parties I attended included them playing at least one Joy Division cover and also featured well know street character Zeus (RIP) as one of the acts on the bill. During that time Charlie McClain had moved to Medford to live with his dad, started playing bass a lot and taking lessons and that's where he hooked up with Dave Krueger (violin). When they moved to Eugene after they finished high school in 1988, the incarnation of Now William that became so popular started to gel. Both Charlie and Dave treated the band really seriously and they cycled through a few members early on, including John Kluff (sp?) on guitar, as they kept trying to find a line-up they could be happy with. Early versions of the band mixed in a lot of covers with their own songs including, the Door's "LA Woman", Bauhus "Bela Lugosi's Dead", Donavan "Season of the Witch", Ozzy Osbourn "Crazy Train", and Sir Mix-A-Lot "Hip Hop Solider". They finally recruited Max as their guitarist and Adam as their drummer. Infighting in the band eventually broke them up, and Charlie and Max grabbed a drummer they liked to form Elgin which put out a single on Grinning Idiot Records. I ended up grabbing the other pieces of the band, Dave and Adam as they formed Jasper and put out their CD on my new label Ruckus Records, in 1994. The Cherry Poppin' Daddies grabbed Adam for a bit for some of their touring needs and Jasper broke up a couple months after I put the CD out. David went on to work a lot with Mike Johnson of Snakepit and later Mark Lanegan, solo and Dinosaur Jr. fame, recording on quite a few albums. Max and the Elgin drummer split off from Charlie to form Porchfire for a brief stint then he moved to New York for a while and some of Max's work ended up on Tyler Hay's specialty CDs that he sold out of his new furniture design store BDDW (now quite successful). Charlie set his bass down to become a journeyman and didn't pick it back up until he had accomplished his objective. He still lives in Eugene and continues to be involved in various music projects. His soundcloud is here - 

Now William (1992)

1. Blue
2. Sleep
3. Dissatisfied
4. Irish Jig
5. Distinction/Gypsy
6. Dear Mother
7. Auction Song
9. Katie's Song
10. Understanding Problems
11. Can't Say That
12. Flowering Time

Mind Garage / Delta Ponds (Cassette Only, Possibly Released?)

Mind Garage (aka Delta Ponds) "In the Garden" (1987?)

Greg Babich (RIP) - Guitar
Rich Babich (RIP) - Vocals
Vince Rivera - Bass
Aaron Temple - Drums
Doug Wilkerson - Drums 

Special thanks to Paula Wang for submitting the photos via our Facebook page as well as the tracks themselves, the only shots to have materialized of Mind Garage in the seven years I've been doing this. Mind Garage played rarely and released music even less often than that. At least half of these tracks were released as a Delta Ponds cassette. I had the artwork but that was three hard drive crashes ago so we're lucky to still have this, the unreleased Mind Garage studio album!

Mind Garage "In the Garden" Unreleased Album, 1987?

1.. In the Garden
2. Runnin' Scared
3. From This World
4. False Start
5. I'm Afraid of Girls
6. Spiral Notebook
7. Be My Friend
8. Loser
9. Show 'n Tell
10. Ghost Town
11. Got It Made
12. Eternity
13. Dangerous


Monday, March 19, 2018

Some Velvet Sidewalk - I Know 7" e.p. (K, 1988)

Al Larsen - Guitar/Vocals
Robert Christie (R.I.P.) - Drums

The first vinyl appearance for SVS! K released this in 1988 after Calvin Johnson heard the "From Playground 'til Now" cassette and became a fan. Wish I still had the t-shirt Al made me from that time. I was only good at saving the music.

I Know (7" e.p., K, 1988)

1. I Know
2. Lifetime
3. Snow
4. Jean Waits

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Milkmen - 1982 - 1984 (CD, Ran-Dee Recordings)

The Milkmen reunited and played their first show in 30 years a few months back. I wasn't old enough to go see them during their original run.  I did not make it to the reunion show, lived too far away at the time, and failed to ask anyone to shoot video. Did anyone shoot video of the show? I have video of them playing a song on a cable access show somewhere, will dig that up and add it to this post at some point.  Henry Cooper sent me the CD represented here, not sure if it was an official release of just handed out to friends but here are 20 tracks by The Milkmen, enjoy!  

The Milkmen - 1982 - 1984

Friday, June 30, 2017

Marble Orchard - Savage Sleep (CD, 1991)

Ron Kleim - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Breeton - Bass
Steve Frothingham - Drums
Pete Weingerger - Guitar

Marble Orchard should have made an appearance on this blog years ago so better late than never. Always loved Marble Orchard and I saw them a bunch of times. Hope you got to as well!

Marble Orchard - Savage Sleep (1991)

1. Intro
2. Please Come Down
3. Love's Just Begun
4. How Much You Cry
5. Sickness
6. Can't Be Myself
7. Girl With No Name
8. You're Never Gonna Hold Me
9. Never Existed
10. You Don't Have to Cry
11. Lucifer Sam Interstellar Overdrive