Friday, July 27, 2012

Godbone - S/T Demo (Cassette Only, 1989)

Adem Tepedelen - Bass
Mark Porter - Vocals
James Halada - Drums
Mike - Guitar

From what I recall, Godbone were around briefly from late '88 until some point in '89 when they morphed into Fireclown. My first band played a house party with them (same location as the party written about in the review above) and since there was no stage I guess I'd have to say they blew us out of the living room. They could play and they had lots of energy. We had very little skill and an equal amount of energy. Anyway, Godbone self-released a cassette in '89 which would have been lost to the world if Lisa John hadn't held onto it for the last 23 years so thank you Lisa! If anyone else held onto a copy and has the original cover art, please email it to me so I can add it to the post. This is very likely the finest rock recording to ever originate from Coos Bay.

Adem, how the hell did you guys end up recording this in Coos Bay anyway?

Godbone ('89)

1. AIDS Song
2. Overcast
3. Empty Shell
4. Take You Higher



  1. Thanks for posting this. We recorded the demo in Coos Bay, because I grew up in the area and a previous band I had been in (Hollow Instinct) recorded a demo there. I guess that's it.

  2. BTW, Fireclown vocalist Jeff Kleinsmith does backing vocals on "Take You Higher."