Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fate vs. Free Will Turn Signals (1986-91)

Keven Dow - Guitar, Sound Engineering
Bruce Nealley - Drums
Xeres (aka Robert Shepard) - Saxophone, Toy Instruments
Dwan Shepard - Bass, Vocals, Trombone
Lewis Schroeder - Tape Loops
Dave Schwebke - Drums

Never got to see Fate vs Free Will Turn Signals, actually never even heard of them until I got an email from Robert Shepard with links to all the recordings posted here. I've had these for awhile now and should have posted them sooner, I've been digesting these over a period of time and they are now among my favorite Eugene recordings. Driving home late at night listening to these makes me feel like I'm in a David Lynch movie, nervous with a sense of impending doom. I mean that as a compliment to the band. Please check these out! Thank you to walking Eugene music history encyclopedia Joe Lewis for the personnel info!

Wolf in a Pulpit ('87)

1. Would Be Punk
2. Lord
3. Blahs Jam
4. I Saw the Lord in the Frozen Foods Section of the Store
5. Pretty Ugly
6. Huge Glob of Belly Button Lint
7. Inside
8. Myles' Garage
9. I Want to Do Your Laundry
10. Watch Out for Everything Around Here
11. Rifle Range
12. Amy Superspy
13. Mosquito Cafe


Judy Marovingian and the Forbidden Empires ('88)

1. Dignity Express
2. The Man with Birds
3. Wallpaper
4. Eninac
5. Of
6. Girth of Garth I
7. Wheel-o
8. Girth of Garth II
9. Microorganisms
10. Why Am I a Neat Guy
11. Burnt Ice Cream
12. Harem Scarem Scarab
13. Guppies with Hushpuppies


Gug ('89)

1. Sidewalk Protocol and Logistics
2. Monitor Lizard
3. Walking Through the Jungle
4. Vapor Lock
5. Stud Poodle
6. Throckmorton
7. Guppy Farm
8. Shush
9. Gug
10. 911
11. Lord
12. Thank You
13. They Hid the Edge of the World 
14. Scazm
15. Santa Claus is Fat


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adickdid (1991-1995)

Kaia Wilson - Guitar/Vocals
Sara Shelton Bellum - Bass
 Nalini Deedee Cheriel - Drums

I first heard of Adickdid when I was talking to Robert Christie about the Pollen Count comp. I asked him if he'd heard it and he said "only the Adickdid track, I just play that one over and over" The band would later appear on my own cassette comp. Slaughter on 13th St. I never got to see them play, living outside of Eugene for most of the group's existence but the recordings certainly made an impression. Kaia would go on to release solo albums and play in Team Dresch and The Butchies. Deedee also played in Juned, The Teenangels and The Hindi Guns. Sara later played in Bella Low. Someone really should write in with a full history of the band or I guess I could stop being so lazy and just email them some questions. Anyway...

All-American Girl b/w Columbus (Imp Records, 1993)

The first single was released in 1993. The band had recorded a few tracks, I think with Mike Lastra at Smegma in Portland. Two of those tracks became this single, another one ended up on the Slaughter on 13th cassette-only comp, all the others are unreleased until now. Thank you to the band for allowing me to post them here. All tracks sourced from a cassette Sara gave me 22 years ago, man time flies!

Adickdid - The Imp Demos & More

1. All-American Girl (originally appeared on Imp single)
2. Columbus (originally appeared on Imp single)
3. Jenny Said
4. I Will Not Take That
5. I Can Only Dream
6. Straight White Christian Boy
7. Falling (originally appeared on Slaughter on 13th cassette comp.)
8. All-American Girl (demo) - (originally appeared on Pollen Count cassette comp)
9. Ask Nicely (Live) (originally appeared on The Sound Guy is Deaf & Drunk cassette comp)


Adickdid - Live at the McKenzie Theater - No on 9 Benefit

Download of video coming soon

You Tube link coming soon

Adickdid (1994)

I think this came out in '94 although it might've been '93. I remember the cd came in a paper sleeve, the picture above is the LP cover. Not much to say here, this one is a Eugene classic. 

Adickdid (Imp Records & G Records)

1.She's Dangerous
2. Eye Level
3. Telephone
4. Song No. 2
5. Hey Sister
6. Mailbox
7. Ask Nicely
8. Stare Right Past You
9. Bugs in Nevada
10. All-American Girl
11. A Dick Did



Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oswald Five-O (1989-1996)

Robert Christie (RIP) - Guitar & Vocals
Diane Beck (now Rios) - Bass & Vocals
Gary Schartz - Guitar
Joe Brooks (RIP) - Drums

The original lineup of Oswald Five-O only released one 7" ("A Love Supreme") but they recorded much, much more than that. A few tracks surfaced in 2006 on the excellent Jealous Butcher Records release "Nothing to Prove" which you should all immediately order if you don't already own. Diane and Robert gave me tapes of these recordings 22 years ago and, being familiar with Robert's inability to ever hold onto a Snakepit tape, I figured I'd better hold onto everything just in case nobody else did. Big thanks to Diane for permitting me to post these long lost recordings.

Rest in peace Joe and Robert, you are both deeply missed.

A Love Supreme 7", Unreleased Demos & Live (Imp Records, 1990)

1. A Love Supreme (A Love Supreme 7")
2. Crushproof (A Love Supreme 7")
3. Our Secret
4. Signed D.C.
5. My Head Hurts
6. Iron Mike
7. Seattle
8. Christmas
9. Waiting
10. Carnival of Frustration
11. Dog
12. Gimmie Gimmie
13. Poison
14. Heartpunch
15. Poison
16. Heartpunch
17. Live at the WOW Hall 1989 Pt. 1
18. Live at the WOW Hall 1989 Pt. 2

Oswald Five-O Live at the WOW Hall, 1989

Footage shot by Adam Glogauer, downloads are quicktimes


Robert Christie (RIP) - Drums/Vocals
Diane Beck (now Rios) - Bass/Vocals
Nick Tucker - Guitar/Vocals

The later lineup that people are probably more familiar with. Gary & Joe decided to leave the band, Diane and Robert decided to forge ahead. Not sure how they met Nick but I'm glad they did!

Singles, Comp. Tracks & Unreleased Demos

1. Eraser (Eraser 7")
2. Felony Flats (Eraser 7")
3. Heavy Shoes (Heavy Shoes 7")
4. Lovers Understand (Heavy Shoes 7")
5. Blue T.V. (Blue T.V. 7")
6. 10 Days Off (Blue T.V. 7")
7. Bred In the Bone (Bred In the Bone 7")
8. Punishment Farm/Our Secret/World I Never Made (Bred In the Bone 7")
9. Aloha Steve and Dan-O (From the "I-5 Killers V3" comp)
10. No Name (From "Fieldburn" comp.)
11. My Way (From "Fieldburn" comp.)
12. Preyed Upon (From "Pollen Count" comp)
13. I'm an Asshole (Unreleased)
14. Alfie (Unreleased)
15. When I Was Hot (Unreleased)

Download includes scans of all artwork and inserts from the singles


Oswald Five-O Live at the McKenzie Theater No on 9 Benefit, 1992


The first cd, released by Grinning Idiot in 1993, download includes all artwork.

For Losers Only (1993, Grinning Idiot)

1. On the Table
2. Marie Celeste
3. Conviction
4. The Reach
5. My Head Hurts
6. They
7. Unfair
8. Alfie
9. Premium
10. Preyed Upon
11. Poison
12. Idiot
13. Perfect World


The second cd, released by Grinning Idiot in 1996 after Oswald Five-O had disbanded. All artwork included in the download.

Serenade (1996, Grinning Idiot)

1. Lost and Found
2. Switchblade
3. My Novel
4. All Night Takeout
5. Punk as an Ulterior Motive
6. Waiting For Vengeance
7. Tallboy
8. Eraser
9. No. 6
10. Fruit Salad Says
11. Night and Day


Released WAY after the band had split up by the good people at Jealous Butcher Records, this compilation came out in 2006. There are several tracks that are exclusive to this release and the tracks that aren't will sound better here than on the downloads I've posted. Bottom line is you should be cool and go to the Jealous Butcher site and order this thing proper! Link to purchase below the track list.

Nothing to Prove (2006, Jealous Butcher)

1. A Love Supreme
2. Crush Proof
3. Waiting
4. Christmas
5. Heart Punch
6. Eraser
7. Felony Flats
8. Song For Bob Forrest
9. Understanding
10. Heavy Shoes
11. Lovers Understand
12. Tony Gets Wasted In San Pedro
13. No Name
14. My Way
15. Bred In the Bone
16. Punishment Farm/Our Secret/World I Never Made
17. Aloha Steve & Dan-O
18. Blue T.V.
19. 10 Days Off
20. Eraser '95


Oswald Five-O's Last Show, John Henry's '96

Download is a quicktime





Friday, January 24, 2014

Kpants (1992-1995)

Cory Hamilton - Vocals
Mike Healy - Bass
Jeremy Hainline - Guitar
Austin Swartout - Drums

I think Kpants started as a result of the Pollen Count comp. cassette that Mike Healy put out back in 1992. Pinebox, Cory & Jer's band prior to Kpants appeared on the tape. Pinebox broke up not too long after that and Mike became the bassist and I don't know how they met Austin.  Anyway, the stuff posted below is the complete Kpants discography, everything they ever recorded, at least in a studio, never occurred to me to ask Mike if they ever 4-tracked anything. Still some research to do here.


1. Not Kind (from 1st 7" of the same name)
2. At the Urinal (from 1st 7" Not Kind)

3. Crash (Long Version, Previously Unreleased)
4. Erie (Previously Unreleased)

5. Crash (originally appeared on I-5 Killers Vol. 3)

6. Love (from 2nd and last single of the same name)
7. Hospital (from 2nd and last single Love)

8. Bookworm (Live, originally appeared on one of the "Night at the X-Ray" cassette comps)

9. My Strong Back Legs (originally appeared on the Jealous Butcher comp. Nailed to the Stars)
10. Vampire Girl (originally appeared on the Jealous Butcher comp. Nailed to the Stars)
Adam Glogauer plays drums on #9 & #10

Cory Hamilton - Vocals
Mike Healy - Bass
Jeremy Hainline - Guitar
Austin - Drums

The first cd came to us courtesy of Grinning Idiot Records back in 1994. This release followed the first single "Not Kind" from 1993.  


1. Light Sprinkle
2. Bookworm
3. Forehead
4. She's Got You
5. Sonic Ripoff
6. Lunchpale
7. Pie Song
8. Stare Off
9. Ants
10. Should We Cut It?
11. Best Kissers
12. Love Theme From Kpants

Cory Hamilton - Vocals
Mike Healy - Bass
Jeremy Hainline - Guitar
Jivan Valpey - Drums

Austin had left the band by this point and Kpants were never really able to permanently settle on another drummer. Jivan was in the band at this point, not sure how long he was around for. Adam Glogauer played a few shows with them and I know there was one other drummer who quit the band citing Cory's lack of professionalism for eating a plate of spaghetti on stage during the set. If the guy had a problem with behavior like that he was clearly in the wrong band. I recall Cory being late to the band's last show because he was cleaning his bathroom. 


1.  Ask Any Moron
2. Friendly Approach
3. The Lights Turned Down Low
4. Succor's Gesture
5. The Charmer
6. Just Play Along
7. Don't Do the Spider (originally released on the Crave Dog Records "Can't Stand the Smell cd comp.)
8. I'm In Your Shirt
9. Against Me
10. Wrist Rocket
11. Hooray For Everything

I'll add additional photos and possibly some video and live material too depending on what I can get the band to cough up.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crawdads of Pure Love (1990?)

Chip Cohen - Bass, Fiddle, Vocals
Dave Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Ken Sokolov - Drums, Percussion
Chuck White - Guitar, Vocals

Never saw these guys although I do recall seeing their posters around town. This is another one that comes to us courtesy of Erich Boekelheide. Don't know too much about them, anyone? Not sure whether or not this was their only release. Anyone have any flyers?

Electric (1990, Cassette Only)

1. Trouble

2. The Bus Song
3. Slow Suicide
4. 5 O'Clock Cat in 6
5. Long Overdue Goodbye


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snakepit (1984-1990)

Al Larson - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Robert Christie (RIP) - Drums/Vocals
Joe Argast - Bass/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass on "Tonight's the Night"

Barely know where to start with this one. Snakepit were one of Eugene's finest bands. John O'Neil talked me into forking over $3.00 to purchase this back in '85 never having heard the band. This tape, along with the first two Johnson Unit tapes and the lone Moose Lodge cassette began my obsession with obtaining every Eugene demo possible. To this day, I don't understand how Snakepit failed to become absolutely huge. The music speaks for itself and I'm eternally grateful to Mike Johnson for allowing me to share this with you.

Snakepit - Soul Like a Goat (1985)

1. Wedding Train
2. Rachel
3. You Tell Me
4. A Short Narrative
5. Me & Mine
6. Sunrise
7. All Nerves
8. Still Haunts Me
9. Wishing Well
10. Waiting For You
11. Tonight's the Night (Live)
12. Art Song (bonus track)



Mike Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass
Robert Christie - Drums/Vocals

This second cassette only release came out in '87 and was engineered by Ron Synovitz who was also kind enough to re-master it! This is the first time the recording has been available here and it's long overdue. Billy Karren was on the verge of joining the band and actually played on some of the live material that filled out the side but the studio tracks are just Mike, Robert & Laura. Hopefully I can get Ron to share some stories about this recording, will update accordingly.

Snakepit - From Vegas to Memphis (1987)

1. Party
2. Turn Around
3. From the Start
4. Sagetown
5. Important
6. A Smile
7. TV Eye (Live)



Mike Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Billy Karren - Guitar/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass
Robert Christie - Drums/Vocals

At long last, here is the first Snakepit single! The band had previously released two cassettes (Soul Like a Goat, already posted on this blog and From Vegas to Memphis, coming soon) but his was the first time the band had committed anything to vinyl. The tracks were recorded in '88 at Smegma in Portland with Mike Lastra. I heard many years ago that they recorded 7 tracks at the session but the 4 posted here are all I have. If anyone can confirm that additional tracks were recorded please email me, especially if you have the songs! Don't feel like I need to type much about this record, it speaks for itself and you should have already clicked the download link before you even read this far.

Snakepit - Wait ('88)

1. Wait
2. Disease
3. Susanville
4. Decay (bonus track originally appeared on Positively 13th St. compilation cassette)



Mike Johnson - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass
Robert Christie - Drums/Vocals

This was the final release by Snakepit although it was not the last material they recorded. Released in 1990 by Dunghill I can't even remember if the band was still playing live at the time with Joe Preston on bass. The front cover is an ominous photo of Robert walking in his burned down apartment at 951 Patterson. The night the place burned Snakepit was supposed to be playing a show at the EMU Dining Hall, it would have been the first time they'd played Eugene in months. The tracks on this post were all recorded at Gung Ho and it's strange to hear the band in the kind of clarity that Gung Ho provides. I wish they'd recorded many many albums but after this there was only the unreleased Eeyore.

 Snakepit - Waste 7" + Bonus Tracks (1990)

1. Waste
2. Million
3. Say It's So (Originally appeared on 13th St. Revisited cassette comp)
4. Rot (Unreleased)
5. Searching For a Five (Unreleased)
6. Finger In Judgement (Unreleased)
7. Lovers Understand (Unreleased, Robert Sings!)


Mike Johnson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (?)
Robert Christie - Drums, Vocals

This unreleased album was the last studio stuff Snakepit recorded. I believe this was all done at Gung-Ho Studios in 1989 and I'm not sure if Laura was still around to play bass on these tracks, I think it was just Mike and Robert by this point. Not much to say, this should have come out over 20 years ago but for a variety of reasons, that never happened. When I asked Mike's permission to post this, he said sure although he couldn't "imagine that anyone would want to hear it." Please let him know he was wrong about that in the comments. Many of these songs later appeared in different form on Mike's solo albums, I guess that makes this sort of like Snakepit's V.U. or Another View?

Snakepit - Eeyore (Unreleased '89)

1. Home Ground

2. Impatient & Unwilling
3. You're Alive
4. Separation
5. Giving Up on Time
6. Passed By
7. F.M.D.
8. Another Time
9. Slipping Away
10. A Reason
11. Obvious
12. Victim


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Headhunters (1983-85)

Matt Griffin - bass
Dave Flanagan - drums
Paul Chandler - guitar
Nelson de Sae Silva - guitar/vocals

I never saw the Headhunters but they are the first local band I ever remember hearing on KRVM. "Anorexia" was something of a local hit I suppose. I don't think any of the recordings below were ever released but as always, feel free to correct me.

From the Panic on 13th Yahoo group (Joe Lewis?):

"Started as a punkabilly trio composed of Coos Bay transplants, opened for Los Falcons added Nelson and went poppy. Played The Vatican, beer gardens, Max's etc.  Recorded "Anorexia"; and others (played on KRVM-good review in The Rocket in '84)  Went to Austin in summer '85 -played Liberty Lunch and opened for The Hickoids and Wild Seeds."

From Robert Shepard who was kind enough to supply the recordings here:

"A member of drummer Flanagan's family owned a really nice recording studio in the woods upriver a few miles from Coos Bay, on the west fork of the Millicoma, called Tioga Recording Studio. This was recorded and mixed there."

Headhunters (Untitled Tioga Studio tape, 1985)
1. Anorexia
2. Push and Shove
3. The Horrible Color
4. Printed Blue
5. Walk in Light
6. The Point Is
7. Celsius
8. Jet Plane


Headhunters (Texas Tape, 1985)
1. What We've Done Here
2. Borneo
3. Cut from Stone
4. Walk in Light
5. Jet Plane
6. Heights Baptist