Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hershel Bloom (RIP) - The Mother Teresa of Eugene

I did not know Hershel Bloom. I was a fan after hearing the 36+ minute version of Loose Change on The Way of Things compilation recorded live at the Calkins House in 1987.  The song is a long list of the changes Hershel had taken notice of over the years in Eugene, businesses coming and going, buildings being built and torn down, etc. The amazing thing about the song is that every detail is correct.

As some of you know, Hershel passed away earlier this week having lived the last years of his life with some severe health issues. I was able to put a couple of you in touch with him last year and I should have done more in that regard, including posting the material below a year or so ago. If anyone has any additional recordings of Hershel, please send them here so that we can add them to this page.

The first set of recordings are from the Calkins House compilation cassettes The Way of Things and Cuneiform  Although Hershel only has three tracks, due to the length of Loose Change (a MUST listen) this clocks in at over 40 minutes.

Hershel Bloom Live at the Calkins House, 1987 & 1988 DOWNLOAD

The second set was provided by one of Hershel's caregivers at the facility where he spent his final years. This guy was really amazing, even taking a guitar in so Hershel could play for a few minutes everyday. I believe he digitized this for Hershel off an old cassette simply entitled The Basement Sessions. I have no idea on the year.

Hershel Bloom The Basement Sessions DOWNLOAD

The third set is the last I have, at least for now. I pulled the audio off the DVD Erich Boekelheide was kind enough to burn for me of the footage he shot of a Lenny's Nosh Bar Late Sunday Show which appears to have been a great live music option for 12am-2am or so every Sunday at the time. This was shot sometime in 1986.

Hershel Bloom Live at Lenny's Nosh Bar 1986 DOWNLOAD

Here is the video of Hershel playing at Lenny's.


the download includes Hershel's set and a couple of sets by the Rupert Pupkin Quartet

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Nads - Live at Taylor's 1980 and a demo! (all unreleased)

Jon Wallace - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
John Barley - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mark Spangler - Guitar
Bob Beisser - Drums

This was recorded live in 1980 at Taylor's by Wally Box who was kind enough to share it with me. The lone demo track was provided by Ron Kleim who had recorded it from the Gibson's Garage radio show many years ago. Apparently there was going to be a Nads e.p. on Moxie but it never materialized. Anyone have more demos or live stuff?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

George Lane - The Snoozefest (Unreleased, 1989)

Greg Sutherland - Vocals
John O'Neil - Drums, Guitar
Mike Johnson - Drums, Guitar
Adam Glogauer - Drums
Christopher Cook - ??
Steve Nordby - Bass?

Another in the seemingly endless number of Eugene recordings that went unreleased at least as far as I know. I think Greg Sutherland was the driving force behind the band. I believe they played live a few times and that Steve Nordby engineered the tape. You now know as much as I do and the list of personnel listed above is guesswork and almost surely incomplete. Enjoy the Snoozefest!

George Lane - The Snoozefest (Unreleased, 1989)
1. The Penney
2. Dream Association
3. Rest Stop
4. Rooted
5. Long Distance
6. The Turn
7. Her Keys Pt. 1
8. Her Keys Pt. 2
9. Ruben
10. Bushed
11. Together
12. Postcard
13. Circle
14. Keep Your Hands Out of My Suitcase
15. Searching For a Five
16. The Breather
17. Overdrive
18. Hard-Boiled
19. Unsettled
20. Instrumental
21. Long Distance


Monday, October 6, 2014

KLCC's Modern Mono with Dave Damage

Way back in the ancient pre-internet times, you had to listen to the radio and hope against reason that they'd play something interesting that you hadn't heard before. In Eugene and the surrounding areas, there were three hours a week you could count on: KLCC's Modern Mono every Friday night from 11:30pm until 2:30am. 

I don't know for sure but I believe the show was started by Lenny Goldberg aka Lenny Tone (visit his blog here) who was eventually joined by Dave Damage. Not sure when Lenny departed but Dave was doing the show by himself by the time I discovered it in late '82 as an impressionable 12 year old. Modern Mono played the first local music that I ever heard and broadened by musical horizons on a weekly basis. Dave eventually stopped doing the show and Lucy Kerley aka Lizzard started it back up on KRVM, I think that was sometime in '84 or early '85? 

I managed to hold onto a few tapes of the show during the Dave Damage period but it depresses me to know that at one point I had 30 or 40 hours worth and this is fewer than 10. I did manage to contact Dave directly, he saved a few shows but they are with his brother. We're working on a way for the tapes to find their way to me so I can digitize and add more shows to this page but this project has been brewing for a long time so what I've digitized below may be all that survives:

10/8/83 - partial show, 124 min.
10/29/83 - partial show, 12 min.
1/6/84 - partial show, 76 min.
1/13/84 - partial show, 92 min.
2/3/84 - complete show, 86 min.
Unknown date (Tape 3) - partial show, 63 min.
Unknown Date (Tape 15) - partial show, 49 min.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Ghosts of 13th St. - Killed By Apathy Vol. 2

The second in a continuing series of Eugene compilations. I'm not sure who to credit the photo to, it was on a disc of stills I received from Steve Nordby a few years back. This is the tattered remains of the old practice space behind House of Records. 

The Ghost of 13th St. - Killed By Apathy Vol. 2

1. Anorexia - The Headhunters
2. Rock Kids - Chuck Clearwater
3. Chapped Lips - Blind Lemon Pledge
4. You Got to Mow the Lawn - The Milkmen
5. Jenny Said - Adickdid
6. Seahag - The Crabs
7. None of the Above - Otto
8. Soul But No Soul - Michael Billings
9. New World Babies - Moose Lodge
10. Singleton - Dose
11. Veg - Vicious Circle
12. Freedom Attack - Attack and the Fun
13. Easy Way Out - Single Mary
14. You and Me - Bottled Hungarian
15. Kristin Scott Thomas - Rally Boy
16. Show-n-Tell - Mind Garage

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Ghosts of 13th St. : Killed By Apathy Vol. 1

Photo by Hank Trotter

As those of you who visit our Facebook page know, I've been threatening to throw together a new (old) Eugene compilation for a long time. After going through everything there was way too much for just one comp so this thing is going to turn into a monthly series. Anyone who doesn't want their band to appear on this one or on any future release, please email me here and your track will be removed immediately.

In the interest of exposing people who listen to this thing to bands they might not otherwise hear, these compilations will not focus on a specific period or genre. When I started working on the 13th St. Revisited cassette compilation in late '89, Lucy Lizzard told me not to make "a private party tape. Private party tapes suck." It was great advice so I'm going to continue to abide by it.

All feedback encouraged, email here!

The Ghosts of 13th Street: Killed By Apathy Vol. 1

1. Bed Bugs - Punishment Farm
2. Wedding Train - Snakepit
3. Friendly Approach - Kpants
4. Stuck - Uncle Charlie
5. This Person - The Hoodlums
6. The Well - The Flatlanders
7. Pelican - Saint Huck
8. Fun in the Summer - The Surf Trio
9. Blood Back in My Eyes - J. Gallows & the Executioners
10. Don't Let the Bad Man Take You - Stick Against Stone
11. Personas Horribles - Rawhead Rex
12. Clowns Are Experts - At Making Us Laugh - E-13
13. Every Band Sucks (But the Drills) - The Drills
14. Look Around You - The Resistance
15. Did - The Betmars
16. Gobots - Soda Jerk


Monday, April 28, 2014

Chuck Clearwater

Chuck Clearwater (RIP)

I didn't know Chuck Clearwater, he played music in Eugene a couple of years before I started buying and going to see local bands. I assume he moved out of Eugene by 1985 otherwise I would probably have bought something he played on at Earth River or House of Records. I first heard him play in 1983 when I heard The Drills on KLCC's Modern Mono. I've heard that The Drills released a couple of tapes but I've never been able to find anyone that has copies and Facebook messages to the band's former singer have never been replied to. In addition to The Drills, Chuck was also in J. Gallows & the Executioners, Punishment Farm and probably a few more that I don't know about. I had no idea he'd ever released solo cassettes until a kind soul emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in copies. Based on these tapes a strong case can be made for Chuck being one of the best musicians to ever play in Eugene. He seemed to play damn near everything and did it all well. I wish I could have met and known him. 

Beizolded (1983)

2. Theme Song for a New LP
3. I'm Not Special
4. Rock Kids
5. Negligent Homicide
6. Time Without Minutes
7. Love Letters
8. Procrastination
9. What Does It Mean
10. Ballad of Poor Luke & Ralph
11. Tonight
12. Broken Guitar & Pencil
13. Dilemna
14. Falling Rain
15. Oh My Brothers
16. Everyone's the Same
17. Kryssy Blue
18. Real Life (Nov. 29, 1979)
19. Bodies in the Water
20. Going Home Tonight


Actual Sounds (1984)

1. Time
2. Invisible Man
3. Can't Give
4. Stuck Inside
5. Rock Music
6. Tonight
7. Black Rain
8. Actual Sounds
9. Beizoldeo
10. Three Words