Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christopher Cook (1987-1990)

I think this is the first of the Christopher Cook solo tapes and I believe it was released in 1987. Most of you are probably most familiar with Christopher from his work in St. Huck and with The Flatlanders. Not sure if Chris played solo shows or not, I don't remember any but he did release a total of four cassettes. Last I knew, Chris was the owner of a store on Willamette between 5th & 6th St. Anyone know the name of it? Same building Green Noise used to be in.

The Sugar of Carquinez ('87)

1. Listen, Listen
2. Sue Ellen
3. The Walk-Up
4. Benicia Moon
5. Bone Legend II
6. The Sugar of Carquinez


Blood Stories (1988, with Monica Casagrande)

01. What Makes the Kettle Boil
02. Out of the Blue
03. The Second Hand
04. Guitarras Sangres
05. It's In the Blood
06. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight


The Elephant's Graveyard (1989)

01. The Bridge
02. Instrumental
03. A Blow to the Head
04. If I Did Not Sleep
05. The Dreamer
06. Postcard
07. Born Blind
08. Turn Away
09. A Windy Street
10. Climbing Up
11. The Elephant's Graveyard
12. It's a Dirty World
13. A Lucky Strike
14. The Corners of the Mouth
15. From the Start
16. The Banshees of Texas


Silent Corona (1990)

01. The Straw Man.....
02. When the Smoke Clears
03. The Golden Dagger
04. If I Could Rave
05. Silent Corona
06. The Minstrel Boy
07. The Big Backyard (with Tim Arnold & Ed Hutton, The Flatlanders!)
08. The Straw Man