Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Soulsations - Live at Taylor's & the Eugene Celebration (Unreleased)

Anyone want to help me out on the personnel?

Steve Ibach sent me a live cd a few months back and I'm finally getting around to posting it. The Soulsations were around for quite awhile if I recall correctly. Anyone want to write a band history because I'm sure not qualified to do it. These recordings must be from '89 or later because I hear them reference the Cherry Poppin' Daddies at one point. Sorry, don't have any song titles.

The Soulsations - Live at Taylor's and the Eugene Celebration

14 Live Tracks!


Solid Citizens - Live at the Oregon Repertory Theater, Aug 12,1981 (Unreleased)

Dave Lange - Drums
Phil Morgan - Bass
Mark McGranagan - Guitar
Godfrey Daniels - Vocals/Horns
Michael Billings - Guitar/Vocals 
Written by Michael Billings
Arranged by Solid Citizens

This is a live recording that Michael Billings was kind enough to send my way. I believe this is the group's original lineup? Michael didn't include the titles of any of the tracks so if you happen to have an exceptional memory, please send me a track listing. I'm not sure that any studio recordings exist so this is probably as good as it gets, enjoy!

Solid Citizens - Live at the Oregon Repertory Theater, Aug 12,1981

13 Live Tracks!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sow Belly - Self-Titled (Cassette Only, 1990)

Joe Baxley - Drums/Vocals
Chris Baxley - Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Mike Brilowski - Guitar/Vocals
Sean McDonald - Alto Sax/Flute/Vocals

I don't remember if I ever saw Sow Belly or not, wasn't going to as many shows during this period. I do remember owning this tape but it disappeared many moves ago so I'm indebted to Robert Shepard for sending it my way. The band released a cd collecting recordings from different periods a couple of years ago, if you dig this tape be cool and go buy the cd here.

Sow Belly - Self-Titled (1990)

1. Thinker's Crawl
2. Barnacle Breath
3. Nowhere To Hide
4. Baby's Eyeball
5. Barnburner
6. Life in the Hospital
7. Euphoria (Someone's Brain Melted)
8. Journey to Now Here
9. Spaztech Culture
10. Hysteria Ad Nausea


Mike Johnson - Waste (Dunghill, Cassette Only, 1989)

Here is Mike Johnson's solo cassette originally released in late '88 or early '89. Many of these songs would be re-recorded by Snakepit for the unreleased Eeyore album (download here), some would even be re-re-recorded and appear on Mike's solo albums years later. I'm a big fan of the lo-fi sound on this tape, including some unreleased 4-track recordings from the same period too. Big thanks to Mike for allowing me to post this, hope you all enjoy it!

Mike Johnson - Waste (Dunghill, '89)

1. Shut Your Eyes

2. Left to Say
3. Pass Away
4. Circle
5. Seperation
6. World Outside
7. Destiny
8. What No One Knows
9. Tear It Away
10. Pass By

Bonus Tracks!

11. On Track

12. Another Point
13. Find Out How
14. Waste
15. Another Time
16. Resigned
17. See Through


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Insidious Menace - Get Paid Somewhere Else (Unreleased? 1991?)

Frank Smith - bass
Dave Caram - guitar
Jeff Banker - vocals
Steve Zorn - drums

Here is everything I know about these guys courtesy of Robert Shepard:

"I don't have any cover art for this. It's just a demo. I don't know if they ever got around to making a cover or releasing anything.

These guys were probably better known for the graffiti of their logo than their music. One could see it all over town at the time. It was etched into the concrete of the bike path alongside Amazon Parkway, for example. It consisted of a circular saw blade shape with jagged edges, with a face inside grinning a mean grin.

Insidious Menace
Get Paid Somewhere Else
(circa 1990-93, I'm guessing 1991)"

Insidious Menace - Get Paid Somewhere Else

1. Pollution in Disguise
2. Hate, Bigotry and Greed
3. Choice
4. Common Enemy


Friday, November 9, 2012

Bone Games - Demos (Unreleased, '82)

Ron Kleim - Guitar/Vocals
Todd Bryerton - Drums
Tim Murphy - Bass

Don't know a ton about Bone Games, but Ron Kleim was kind enough to share their demo so here it is. I believe this was recorded in 1982, there is a 30 min. live set at the end as a single bonus track! Hey Ron, can you help me out on some of the song titles?

Bone Games - Unreleased Demos & Live

01 - Track 01
02 - Track 02
03- Track 03
04 - Track 04
05 - Track 05
06 - Let Out the Pain
07 - People of the Night
08 - Track 08
09 - Track 09
10 - Track 10
11 - Track 11
12 - Bone Games Live


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Few Chairs - S/T (Cassette Only, '86)

Mimi Raiter - Guitar/Vocals
Marty Schwarzbauer - Bass/Vocals
Aaron Temple - Drums

A Few Chairs were around in the mid-80's and re-emerged as Skeleton Closet at some point in the 90's too. This tape was officially released but I don't have a copy anymore and I don't think the cover is going to turn up anytime soon so I'm going with what I've got. Not having the cover also means I don't know many of the song titles, Mimi or Marty if you want to help out please do! I think this is from 1986. Got most of the track names, thanks Hans!

A Few Chairs - S/T (1986)

01 - Boys

02 - Nasty Boys
03 - Someone Else
04 - Nuclear Attack
05 - I Wonder Whatever Became of...
06 - Sleep Talking
07 - Victim
08 - Aversion Day
09 - Lost Love
10 - Don't Make Me Laugh
11 - For What It's Worth
12 - Don't Hang Your Head
13 - You and Me
14 - Fucked Up
15 - Track 15
16 - Track 16


Blind Lemon Pledge - Leftover Lemons (Cassette Only)

Dave Nagel - Drums
Tom Heinl - Vocals
Dan Powel - Sax
Eugene Saunders - Guitar
Ben Beebe (RIP) - Bass

Here is the second and final cassette release from Blind Lemon Pledge. Not sure whether this one was ever officially released or just passed amongst friends. I got it from Wayne Shellabarger so thanks Wayne! Also included on this download are two tracks that were intended to be the band's first single. Enjoy more music to drink to!

Blind Lemon Pledge - Leftover Lemons ('92)

01 - Doctor
02 - Taco Spice
03 - Pour Me a Drink
04 - Jello Salad
05 - The Prison Song (alternate version in G)
06 - Tennessee Waltz 
07 - The Supermarket Song (alternate)
08 - As Time Goes By
09 - One Man Band
10 - The Girl From Ipanema (re-mastered)

bonus tracks!

11 - Chapped Lips
12 - Car Square Dance


Eugene Electronic Music Collective - Freefall (1984, Cassette Only)

Peter Thomas
Nathan Griffith
Carl Juarez
Phyllyp Vernacular
Derryl Parsons
Peter Nothnagle

OK, full disclosure - I know nothing about this tape or the Eugene Electronic Music Collective's history.  Also don't know if the solo tapes they mention in the notes to this cassette ever were released.  Anyone who'd like to fill us in with more information is more than welcome to do so in the comments. Thanks to Robert Shepard for digging this one out of the attic and sharing it with us!

Eugene Electronic Music Collective - Free Fall (1984, Cassette Only)

Peter Thomas
01 - Shimmer
02 - Shadowland

Nathan Griffith
03 - Great Moves
04 - Under the Gun
05 - Way Out West

Carl Juarez 
06 - Night Train
07 - Slezak
08 - Medea Blitz/Chicago


Phyllyp Vernacular
09 - Billenium
10 - Lost in the Park

Derryl Parsons
11 - Lost City
12 - Into the Overview

Peter Nothnagle
13 - Rape of Kinume
14 - The Necromancer
15 - New Snow


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hoodlums (1982-1987)

Dan Padgett - Bass
Andy Hooper - Vocals & Trombone
Eugene Flores - Vocals
Monica Casagrande - Saxaphone
Brooks Brown - Saxaphone
Alexi Petrohilos - Drums
Dov Osheroff - Guitar
Phil Miller - Guitar
Elise Hefti - Trumpet
Dick Glass - Keyboards
Jakob - Drums
Gary Kemp - Guitar

Got some help on the personnel, seems that a number of folks were in the Hoodlums at various points. Big thanks to Jennifer Gale for the Hoodlums poster at the top of this post, can't remember where I got the other pic, Jennifer was that you too?  I'm sure additional recordings of the band exist but this is all I've been able to unearth so far. I used to see The Hoodlums at the EMU Ballroom and the WOW Hall, even as a teenager I never understood how these guys weren't more popular than the Crazy 8's, love this band!

Venice Liberation Army

Andy Hooper - Vocals and trombone
Dov Osheroff - Guitar
Chris Higgins - Bass
Harris Thurmond - Guitar
Elise Hefty - Trumpet
Monica Cassagrande - Sax

Eric Moore - Harmonica
Glenn Bonney ? - Trombone

Big thanks to Tim Arnold for supplying the Venice Liberation Army track, a post-Hoodlums effort.

01. Shaved Ape


The tape was recorded from the sound board so it's high quality, think this must have been from one of the shows where they opened for the Crazy 8's way back in '84. A guy named Ed that I think was the brother of the Go-Go's bassist gave me this tape and a cassette of the band's unreleased album (find that below) when he was working at Valley River Records about 28 years ago. I guess he was living in a house with some of the band members. Glad that he gave me a copy and glad that I'm a pack rat or this would be lost to the ages. Most of the song titles are guesses so help me out if you know better, thanks!

The Hoodlums - Live at the EMU Ballroom 1984

1. You and I (partial)

2. This Person
3. My Chiquita
4. Wouldn't You Like to Talk
5. Follow Your Heart (Pt 1)
6. Follow Your Heart (Pt 2)
7. Find My Heaven
8. Through My Eyes
9. Hold Them High
10. Talk To Me
11. What You Are
12. Five Characters
13. I'm Laying Down


The Hoodlums were around in '84-'85 and played with the Crazy 8's a lot, too fast to be reggae, too slow to be ska. The Hoodlums neglected to release any material at the time. These recordings were for a planned LP that never materialized. 

The Hoodlums Unreleased LP
1. This Is Your Life
2. This Person
3. Through My Eyes
4. Follow Your Heart
5. You and I
6. My Chiquita
7. My Beach

Monday, August 27, 2012

Billy Jack - Double Date (Cassette Only, '92?)

Joe Brooks (RIP) - Drums
Wayne Shellabarger - Bass, Vocals
Dave Nagle - Guitar, Vocals

Apologies to all for the unbelievable oversight, I've never posted this one before! The second and last Billy Jack cassette only release! Recorded in '92? I'm going to rely on Wayne & Dave to email me hilarious stories about this recording which I'll then paste into the post. Hopefully we can at least get the word on whether the band hates Steve Nordby to this day or if it was just limited to both their cassette releases.

Billy Jack - Double Date (Cassette Only, '92?)

1. The River
2. No One Gets in the Way
3. Sit on a Lipstick
4. Origami Cowboy Hat
5. Take a Number
6. Ten to Ten
7. Wiggly World 
8. Come On in My Kitchen


Pearl Divers - Capricorn 7" & S/T Double 7" (1992)

Pete Weinberger - Guitar
Gayle Truax - Vocals
George Khier - Vocals & Guitar
Brett Morse - Bass
Tim Erickson - Drums
Richard Schminke - Organ & Vocals

The Pearl Divers were around for a couple of years in the early 90's. Most of the members were in other bands at the time too, The Falling Spikes, The Electric Flies, Surf Trio, The Black Dahlias and The Undertakers to name a few. I thought of them as a 60's garage pop band but some or all of them may resent that description and I fully expect some or all of them to yell at me in the comments section or on the Panic on 13th facebook page. They used to practice across the street from my apartment at George's place and I hear the practices were quite a lot of fun. Here is their self-titled double 7" debut:

The Pearl Divers - S/T double 7" (1992)

1. Love on the Ground
2. Evil Hearted You
3. Window Shopping
4. I'm Leaving


A couple of personnel changes later and a second single came out. Think this one was '92 as well but I don't know for sure. Hey Gayle, how about a band history? I'll add it to the post if you'd care to type it up!

The Pearl Divers - Capricorn 7" (1992?)

1. Capricorn
2. Western World


Friday, July 27, 2012

Godbone - S/T Demo (Cassette Only, 1989)

Adem Tepedelen - Bass
Mark Porter - Vocals
James Halada - Drums
Mike - Guitar

From what I recall, Godbone were around briefly from late '88 until some point in '89 when they morphed into Fireclown. My first band played a house party with them (same location as the party written about in the review above) and since there was no stage I guess I'd have to say they blew us out of the living room. They could play and they had lots of energy. We had very little skill and an equal amount of energy. Anyway, Godbone self-released a cassette in '89 which would have been lost to the world if Lisa John hadn't held onto it for the last 23 years so thank you Lisa! If anyone else held onto a copy and has the original cover art, please email it to me so I can add it to the post. This is very likely the finest rock recording to ever originate from Coos Bay.

Adem, how the hell did you guys end up recording this in Coos Bay anyway?

Godbone ('89)

1. AIDS Song
2. Overcast
3. Empty Shell
4. Take You Higher


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prairie School - Green 7"

Chris Sherry - Drums
Tony Barry- Bass
Scott Glass - Guitar/Vocals
As far as I know, this is the only 7" released by Prairie School. I think this came out in '90 or '91? Don't know if they recorded stuff beyond this single or what happened to the band after this came out, anyone? If you'd like to hear more I posted some 4-track demos awhile back.

Prairie School - Green 7"

1. Green
2. Insufficient

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bottled Hungarian - I Called (Cassette and double 7" ep, '88)

Marty Schwarzbauer - Bass/Vocals
Juan Camacho - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Debbie Nesbitt - Vocals
Scott Adamo - Drums

Despite the longevity of the band and it's many, many personnel changes, I Called was the only actual release. The album first appeared on cassette in early 1988 and later as two separate 7" e.p.'s issued by Tombstone and Moxie in late '88 or early '89. During this period, Bottled Hungarian were Eugene's answer to X and they did the job well. Marty would later re-form A Few Chairs with Mimi Raiter who eventually changed their name to Skeleton Closet and released a cd which I still hope to obtain a copy of. Juan was in the Detonators, Debbie went on to play guitar and sing in the Exploding Cats and also became the singer in Runtmeyer after Denise Christie left the band. Anyone know what became of Scott? Enjoy the download, this one has stood the test of time! Marty has other recordings by different incarnations of the band but I haven't been able to wrangle a copy from him just yet, stay tuned.

Bottled Hungarian - I Called (1988)

1. You and Me
2. Tip Toe
3. It's So Dark
4. Isolation
5. Lightning Strikes Twice
6. I Called
7. Broken Mirrors
8. Alone
9. A Promise
10. He Was My Friend
11. Greenback Dollar
12. Boyfriend
13. Police Action


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vicious Circle - Demos (Unreleased, '81)

Ron Kleim - Vocals/Guitar
Bob Allen - Bass
Jeff Bement - Drums

Ron was kind enough to send me these demos awhile back and I'm finally getting off my ass and posting them. I believe this was all the band recorded. Don't know much about their history although I'm sure most of you know Ron would later form The Surf Trio and Marble Orchard.

Vicious Circle - Demos

1. Beach Girl
2. Deep In Your Eyes
3. I'm Still Alive
4. Johnny the Vegetable Boy


The Falling Spikes - Teen Trash Vol. 10 (LP Music Maniac Records)

John Barley - Guitar/Vocals
Molly Drahn (Barley) - Vocals
John Ferris - Guitar
George Khier - Organ/Harmonica/Guitar
Pete Weinberger - Bass
Michael Miller - Bass
Boyd Small - Drums
Bob Beisser - Drums
Richie Cuellar - Drums

Okay so I don't remember everyone who was in The Falling Spikes although I did see them play a few times. I'm sure someone will ridicule me on the Facebook page and eventually provide the needed information. John Barley has been playing music in Eugene for a long time and most of you must've seen him in several bands. This record compiles all The Falling Spikes recordings with one exception but I can't remember which song that was, just that the master had been destroyed. Hopefully a few of the former Spikes will chime in with some history and let us know what the missing tune is.

The Falling Spikes - Teen Trash Vol. 10 (Music Maniac Records)

1. 7+7 Is
2. Doesn't Matter Anymore
3. You're Gonna Miss Me
4. Big Blue Wave
5. Clam Dippin'
6. The Door
7. Teenage Head
8. History
9. Don't Crowd Me
10. Glass in the Sand
11. Pushin' Too Hard
12. Headline
13. Lost World
14. My Baby Hurt My Head

Friday, May 18, 2012

Los Xplorers - Live 1981 (Unreleased)

Henry Cooper - Guitar
John Barley - Guitar
Fred Kellogg - Bass
Marlon Rieber - Drums
Frank Poloney - Sax

Los Xplorers were around from '80-'82 and played at Taylor's a lot. This band could seriously play! Don't know much about their history but I'm thankful that Henry has given me permission to post these live tracks. I think Henry said he had a few discs of live material that had recently been given to him by a fan, hopefully Henry will eventually share more of this stuff with us. Enjoy!

Los Xplorers - Live, 1981

1. Mohawk Twist
2. Shake Your Money Maker
3. Bad Boy
4. Baby Scratch My Back
5. The Crawl
6. Watch Out
7. Cochran Medley
8. Rawhide
9. Madison Blues
10. Rock Therapy
11. Long Legged Girl
12. Treat Her Right
13. Rockinitis
14. New Orleans/Mickey's Monkey/Shout

Michael Billings - Old Shorteyes is Back (Cassette Only, Dunghill 1988)

Front Cover Removed by request

 Michael Billings - Vocals, probably too many instruments to list
Virtually anyone who'd picked up an instrument in Eugene - Various other instruments

This is a compilation of Mr. Billings' material released by Dunghill in 1988. I know Dominance appeared on the Panic on 13th compilation and I think a couple of these tracks were on The While Liberals' Cat Behavior 12" ep (which I'll also eventually post) but I'm not sure which of Michael's bands originally recorded the other tracks. If anyone could shed some light on any of the tracks I'd really appreciate it. Check out Michael Billings' latest project here Black Roof City

Michael Billings - Old Shorteyes is Back!! (Dunghill, 1988)
1. Too White to Fuck
2. Detached Retina
3. Dominance
4. Life on the Farm
5. Solid Citizens
6. Excess Straight
7. Frank, Guy, Mike
8. Once Upon a Time in Eugene
9. 29 Diamonds
10. Liberals
11. Soul But No Soul
12. Mundane
13. Litany
14. Capetown Monday
15. Big Shot
16. I Am the Jackal
17. Two Men and a Cow


Dose - Singleton b/w Sparrow Song 7" +1 (C/Z Records,'90)

Rob Henson - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Ross - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Grey - Bass
Collin Ross - Drums

Here is the first (only?) single by Dose released in '91 by CZ Records. The additional track was on I-5 Killers V2 I think. All three songs were originally released by the band as a demo cassette. They were around for at least a couple of years so it seems like they must have recorded more than this, anyone know? My knowledge is pretty much limited to the fact that Rob used to live on W12th across an alley from me. Not much to go on is it?

Dose - Singleton 7" (1991)

1. Singleton
2. Sparrow Song
3. Evil Boweevil (bonus track)


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brain Forest - S/T (Cassette Only, '91)

Christian Nelson - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Joshua Foster - Guitar/Back-Up Vocals
John Paul - Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Paul Saffell - Drums

Don't know a ton about this band but I'm happy to write that this is the first tape someone has actually submitted to me that I didn't have so thanks Joshua! Hopefully he'll chime in with a little band history. I admire Brain Forest for being the first band I've seen to actively encourage people to pirate their tape (see the cover) because as anyone who has ever self-released a cassette knows, you aren't going to make any money and the most you can hope for is some exposure! Thanks again Josh!

Brain Forest (1991)

1. Nero Plays Ground Zero
2. Heavy Houses
3. Kingdom Idiot/Prohibited Noise
4. Dark Future
5. Pillars & Killers
6. Fester Underfoot

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pollen Count - (Cassette Only Compilation, '92, Amacha Productions)

At long last, here is the Pollen Count compilation I've been promising to post for months. Thank you all for your patience! This was released in '92 by Mike Amacha (aka Mike Healy). At the time, I remember being surprised that I hadn't heard of half the bands on this thing. Since I've started the blog and the facebook page I now know that as large as my collection is, I barely scratched the surface of all the music going on in Eugene. Was/is there a single resident of the town between the ages of 20 and 60 that wasn't in a band at some point? Hopefully Mike can chime in with details regarding some of the bands. I do know that Pine Box eventually led to Kpants and that Otterpop was bunny summer on a day when we thought about changing our name. I remember the Big I Am releasing a tape which I now really wish I'd picked up, forgot how much I liked their track on this thing. Please email me if you've got it!

Pollen Count ('92, Amacha Productions)

1. Medicine Wheel - Hold the Grudge
2. Adickdid - All-American Girl
3. Otto - R.P.
4. Jollymon - Tolusa
5. Dead Legion - Chosen Sin
6. Holy Rodent - Guns-Guitars-n-VCR's
7. Oswald Five-O - Preyed Upon
8. Treatment - Jesus 4 Sale
9. Beradino - When I Was Hot
10. Runtmeyer - Apple Juice
11. Saw God - Is This
12. Poiligator - Death Rattle
13. The Undertakers - I Tried
14. Otterpop (aka bunny summer) - Crush
15. Big I Am - Colt 45
16. Aunt Flow - Creature
17. Pine Box - Not Kind

Friday, March 23, 2012

Punishment Farm - Live on the Paul Burnett Show ('83)

Billy Taylor - Vocals
Trey Gunn - Guitar
Mike Medler - Bass
Chuck Clearwater (RIP) - Drums

Punishment Farm were a little before my time so unfortunately I never got to seem them live. What is fortunate is that Mike's parents recorded their performance on The Paul Burnett Show in 1983 which aired on cable access in Eugene. The audio here is pulled from a DVD-R of that 29 year old VHS. Simply put, this band was amazing. They released a cassette which Trey Gunn has told me he's going to remaster, hopefully when he does he'll allow me to share it here. Trey gave me permission to post these tracks and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him publicly. Please check out more of Trey's music here. Please enjoy what must be Eugene's most technically proficient post-punk effort. Damn this makes me want to hear their official demo!

Punishment Farm - Live on the Paul Burnett Show ('83)

1. Black Kids
2. When Will She Come Again?
3. The Great Iron Masque
4. My Eye
5. We Are Campaigning
6. I'm Not Special
7. Lady Loneliness
8. What's a Wife For Anyway?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slotcar - Slotcar demo (Jealous Butcher, Cassette Only, '95)

Ben Barnett - Bass/Lead Vocals
Scott Van Deusen - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Barber - Guitar/Vocals
Jon St. Clair - Drums

I saw Slotcar once or twice, don't know a lot about them other than the fact that Ben Barnett would eventually become Kind of Like Spitting who have recorded several albums worth of material. I think Kind of Like Spitting re-recorded most of the songs from this demo. This is the only Slotcar release and it came out as a split with Soda Jerk, a great collection from the good folks at Jealous Butcher Records. Please post additional information you have about this band in the comments, thanks!

Slotcar - S/T cassette ('95)

1. Waterworks
2. Backpack Full
3. Porch Song
4. Blame
5. Bridges Worth Burning
6. Anywhere But Here

Prairie School - Unreleased 4-Track demos (1989)

Chris Sherry - Drums
Tony Barry- Bass
Scott Glass - Guitar/Vocals

I should know more about this band having seen them play a few times back in college. My roommate actually recorded them on 4-Track but the tape has long since vanished. Fortunately, John Kluff (Now William) did a better job of recording them on 4-track and I managed to hang onto my copy of that tape so here it is. Don't know any of the song titles except Spread the Love which was on my cassette only comp 13th Street Revisited. The picture above is the cover of the only Prairie School 7" which I unfortunately do not have. Anyone have it? Please message me if so!

Prairie School - Unreleased 4-track demos (1989)

1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Spread the Love
6. Track 6
7. Track 7
8. Track 8
9. Track 9
10. Track 10
11. Track 11

Single Mary - S/T 7" e.p. (1987)

Jon Wallace - Guitar
Kathy Ozanich - Bass
Mike Stewart - Drums
Laura Rathbun - Keyboard

I don't know a hell of a lot about Single Mary. They were together from '83 - '89 or so and released this e.p. in 1987. As far as I know, this is their only release. Please post more info. in the comments if you have it! The picture and music are sourced from the blog the thinner the air please click the link and check it out, evidently I committed a serious blogger party foul by not crediting that blog when I originally posted this so my apologies to Ryan who is the blog's admin, I won't repeat that mistake in the future.

Single Mary e.p. (1987)

1. Uptight World
2. Something Called Love
3. So Suppressed
4. Easy Way Out

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Now William - Unreleased Demos ('90-'91?)

Charlie McClain - Bass/Vocals
John Kluff - Guitar on #1-#9
David Krueger - Violin/Vocals
Max ??? - Guitar on #10-#19
Adam Glogauer - Drums #3-#19

Now William was around from '89 to '92 or so, my memory is a little fuzzy. Can't remember anyone else ever sounding like these guys and the first time I met Charlie and David I think they were wearing overalls which helped sell it even more. Below is a collection of unreleased 4-track and live demos, I believe it's everything they recorded prior to their cd. If anyone knows a detailed history of the band, please write it in the comments below. Enjoy!

Now William - Demos (Unreleased)

1. Soaring (1st Demo)
2. Blue (1st Demo)
3. Home (4-track recording)
4. Hold On (4-track recording)
5. Flying By (4-track recording)
6. Blue (4-track recording)
7. Soaring (4-track recording)
8. Auction Song (4-track recording)
9. Brian's Song (4-track recording)
10. Unknown Title (WOW Hall board demo)
11. Mother (WOW Hall board demo)
12. Irish Song (WOW Hall board demo)
13. Untitled (WOW Hall board demo)
14. Gypsy Song (WOW Hall board demo)
15. Can't Say That (WOW Hall board demo)
16. Flying By (WOW Hall board demo)
17. Auction Song (WOW Hall board demo)
18. Metal Song (WOW Hall board demo)
19. E (WOW Hall board demo)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Undertakers, The - Time Machine 7" + bonus tracks ('92 Tombstone Records)

Kevin Shapen - Guitar
Jason Hill - Vocals
Pat Yonally - Organ
Brett Morse - Bass
Todd Kinner - Drums

The Undertakers were around for a year or two in the early 90's. I saw them a few times, always a fun show even if I was nearly deaf for 2 days after standing too close while watching them at Max's once. I remember thinking they must have super glued Pat's fingers to his keyboard as almost every other part of his body was in motion while the band played. The Undertakers recorded way more than they ever released some of which is included here. They recorded a still unreleased full-length that may eventually appear on this blog once Brett gets me the DAT and I find a way to bump it to CD-R. Enjoy!

The Undertakers - Time Machine 7" + bonus tracks ('92 Tombstone)
1. Time Machine (Mono from 7")
2. Lookout (Mono from 7")
3. I Tried (bonus track)
4. Lookout (bonus track)
5. Shelia (bonus track)
6. Time Machine (bonus track)
7. Surf Stomp (bonus track)
8. One Step Closer (bonus track)
9. Re-Explore Your Mind (bonus track)
10. Mine All Mine (bonus track)