Monday, May 27, 2013

Dead Girlfriend - S/T (Cassette Only, 1995)

Ryder Greene - Bass
Cindy - Guitar/Vocals
Gordon - Drums

Here is some punk rock courtesy of Dead Girlfriend, a band I don't know a ton about even though I knew Ryder reasonably well back in the day. I think this tape came out in '94 or '95 and I believe the band played at Icky's a number of times. Cindy was one of a few Wisconsin transplants who had moved to Eugene around this time. I believe this was the band's only release, will hit up Ryder for more info.

Dead Girlfriend (1995)

1. Out My Way Punk
2. Fortress
3. Broken Dream
4. Road Trip
5. Run
6. Waves
7. Get Out
8. Log Home


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Bubba - Spank Your Wanker! (Cassette Only, 1995)

Mike - Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Randy (R.I.P.) - Drums

Here' s another release I know next to nothing about. I think Big Bubba were part of the Icky's Teahouse thing but others could speak with much more authority on the subject since this was released a bit after my time in Eugene. I know Randy was also in Chemakill, guess I'll post something by them soon too. Thanks to Gordon of Divine Plague for sending this my way!

Big Bubba - Spank Your Wanker! (1995)

1. Drunk Again
2. Spank Your Wanker
3. Kicked Out
4. Suck the Tit
5. Manson Girls
6. Good Puss
7. There Is No God
8. No Excuse
9. Farm Night
10. All My Hate
11. I'm a Freak
12. Shitty Day
13. Girl Punk


Friday, May 3, 2013

t minus ten - tea with the telepaths e.p. (Pulp Plastic, 1989)

Al Larsen - Vocal, Guitar
Mike Johnson - Guitar
Robert Christie - Drums

t minus ten was probably more a fun weekend in Olympia than a band, don't think they ever played live. The record surfaced sometime in 1989 meaning it was probably recorded in '87 or '88. Al sings all the songs, sorta sounds like Some Velvet Sidewalk with Mike adding a lead track over the top. Some Velvet Snakepit?

t minus ten - tea with the telepaths e.p.

1. drag
2. hope
3. shipwreckin'
4. ain't it


The White Liberals - Cat Behavior 12" e.p. (Solid Citizens Records, 1985)

Michael Billings - Vocals/Guitar
Brent Bosworth - Guitar/Background Vocals
Doug Wilson - Keyboards/Background Vocals
Joji Nagata - Bass
Chris Gould - Horn/Background Vocals
Dave O'Toole - Alto Sax
Tom Pettit - Drums

Finally posting the While Liberal's only release (?) at least the only one I'm aware of. This was the local vinyl I was aware of courtesy of the huge display at Earth River Records at the time of release. Don't know much about the history of the band, hopefully Mr. Billings will share some details. Anyone have any live recordings or any other material to supplement these 5 tracks?

The White Liberals - Cat Behavior

1. Shame On Me
2. Liberals
3. Sport of Kings
4. Mundane
5. Cat Behavior