Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jasper - S/T (CD, 1994 Ruckus Records)

David Krueger - Vocals/Violin
Adam Glogauer - Drums/Guitar
Nate Schreiner - Bass
Jason Guyer - Guitar

When Now William called it quits (1993?) the band split into Elgin (Max and Charlie) and Jasper (Adam and David).  I used to go see Jasper quite a lot at John Henry's where they always seemed uniquely out of place. Too moody for a bar band maybe? I think this cd holds up really well, the band was under-appreciated. In addition to Now William and Jasper, David frequently collaborated with Mike Johnson. Adam was in a ton of bands including Frank Booth and the Neighbors, Uncle Charlie, Now William, Jasper, bunny summer, The Cherry Poppin' Daddies and probably a bunch more that I'm forgetting.  Never knew Nate or Jason that well, anyone know where they came from/went to?

Jasper - S/T (1994)

1. The Shell
2. Glass
3. Chance to Wait
4. Awakenings
5. Ten Times
6. Vandalia
7. Crosses
8. The Ascent
9. Resist
10. Reunion
11. Slow Tide


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Less Than Zero - Eugene's First Zine? (1980)

Can't remember who originally published these, the editor was L. Zalin whoever that was. Maybe Steve Ibach or Henry Cooper would like to refresh my memory? I believe this magazine was Eugene's first 'zine way back in 1980! Henry Cooper was kind enough to send me his copies or these might be lost to the ages forever just like almost everything else on this blog would be. Anyone have a copy of the first issue they'd like to share? I believe there were only three published and here are issues #2 and #3.

Less Than Zero #2, May 1980

Features J. Gallows and the Executioners (who recorded a demo I'm still trying to get!), The Symbiotics (Eugene's first all-girl band? A live recording may exist but I haven't been able to track it down) as well as record and show reviews and a report on the Portland scene. Speaking of that, where the fuck is the Portland equivalent of this blog? If there is one could someone please send me a link?


Less Than Zero #3, Sometime later in 1980

Features Xplorers, a Where Are They Now article explaining the demise of Eugene's early punkish bands as well as record reviews, comics and a lot about the U.K.