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Slaughter on 13th - A Eugene Compilation (Cassette Only, 1992)

This was the last cassette compilation I put out before I moved out of Eugene in early '93. It was the fourth in the series of 13th St. comps and the second released by Disgraceland. The one band from Boring, OR on the tape was Evil Twin Brother, for free downloads of everything they did click here. Greg Freeman did the typesetting, cover art by Wayne Shellabarger.

Slaughter on 13th
1. Why Can't I Be Your Pill - Evil Twin Brother
2. That Smell Downstairs - Something She Said
3. The One About Las Vegas - bunny summer
4. Cross Dressing Can Be a Drag - Boogie Patrol Express
5. Eggs - Blind Lemon Pledge
6. Sometimes - The Black Dahlias
7. The Rise - Marble Orchard
8. Poison - Oswald Five-O
9. E Flat E - Otto
10. Grandpa Ollie - Billy Jack
11. One Step Closer - The Undertakers
12. My Beloved Flock - Two Minutes Hate
13. Soaring - Now William
14. Love on the Ground - The Pearl Divers
15. Falling - Adickdid
16. Grip - Runtmeyer
17. Out of Touch - Marshall Plan
18. Motley's Tombstone - Compost

Young Death (1982-1983?)

According to the Panic on 13th Yahoo group, Young Death was Robert Christie, Matt Colgan, Dan McClure and Greg Goumaniek. But isn't that a girl singing on the demo? This tape of short fast punk songs was never released. Please post any info. you have in the comments. 1-11 seem like they're recorded live to 4 track, 12 is a live set from Project Space in 1984.

Young Death
1. Comfort
2. Guitar Song
3. Walking Narcissism
4. Workers Unite
5. Tongue Worship
6. No Energy
7. All That Matters
8. Apathetic Media Slave
9. Stigmata
10. Dirty World
11. Nothing To Me
12. Live at Project Space 5/26/1984 (15 minutes)

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Flatlanders (1987-1988)

Christopher Cook - Guitar/Vocals
Ed Hutton - Bass/Vocals
Tim Arnold - Drums

The Flatlanders were around in '87-'88 or so and managed to record and release this demo. . This one has stood up to the test of time quite well, surprised my cassette of this was in this good of shape! The Flatlanders also released a tape of live recordings or 4-track demos a couple of years after they broke up. I'll have to dig for that one.

Flatland Radio
1. Death Before Dishonor
2. The Well
3. The Fugitive
4. Poison Flowers
5. Precious Handful
6. Flatland Radio
Bonus Track
7. Irish Temper (Live, from Positively 13th St. cassette compilation)


I don't know if this was released before the Flatland Radio cassette. The recordings are earlier, these sound recorded live to 4-track? I never saw this cassette until well after the band had broken up and maybe Ed who worked at House of Records was just dumping some old tapes, we'll probably never know. Thank you Douglas!

The Flatlanders - S/T Cassette (1987)

In addition to the material above, I have confirmation that a VHS exists of the band playing a WOW Hall basement show in '87 or '88. Don't know if I'll be able to get a copy from Chris or Tim though I will try!

The Way of Things - Live at the Calkins House 11/20/87 (Cassette Only, 1987)

The first release of live material recorded at the Calkins House. There are certainly far better notes on the tracks than on Cuneiform! More spoken word, acoustic type performances, all recorded November 20th, 1987. Still no information on who put these out, anyone know?

Turns out someone did know:

The Caulkins House shows were organized by the BigTime Poetry Theatre. The track notes were most likely written by Curt Hopkins. I think the shows were recorded by Steve McQuiddy and Mike Winckler. I seem to remember that Steve had the tapes entered into the UO folklore collection . . . It was winter. The Caulkins House had not yet been remodeled into a restaurant, video store etc and thus was all peeling paint ceilings and holes in the walls. We swept up the dust and plaster chips, and procured some portable heaters which may or may not have had an effect on the temperature of the house. Dan ended the show with Amazing Grace. Then five or ten minutes later, everyone who was left cleaning or lingering did an amazing freezing a cappella reprise of the song."

Thanks to whoever it was that left this comment!

The Way of Things - Live at the Calkins House 1987
1. Animal Box - Robert Christie
2. You and Me - Marty Schrwarzbauer
3. Santa Margarita Ligure, Lover, Los Angeles - Bennett Huffman and John Walker
4. Gentlemen, Forever Yours - David Braden
5. Fridaynightrockdangerzone, Innocent Dead - Mike Winckler and Steve McQuiddy
6. Three Blue Teardrops - Debbie Nesbitt
7. Bulerias por Solea - Ian Beardsley
8. Honest Tom and Lyin' Tom and the 97 Apples - Jim Finley
9. Uncle Ray, Red Bowman, Sid Has No Horse, Socratic Dialogue I, Cat Story, SD II, After the Tear and Bite of City - Big Time Poetry Theatre
10. Recuerdos de Alhanbra - David Rodriguez Peralto
11. Sonnet Form, Thinking Back - Ken Zimmerman
12. Loose Change - Hershel Bloom
13. Amazing Grace - Dan Schmid
14. Amazing Grace - 13th Avenue Parking Lot Choir

Cuneiform - Live at the Calkins House '87-'88 (Cassette Only, 1988)

This is the second release of live at the Calkins House material. The first was The Way of Things which I'll get around to posting soon. If you'll recall, before the Calkins House became a bunch of small offices, it was briefly a restaurant, video store and bookshop. During that brief span, it occasionally held spoken word/acoustic shows. No idea who originally put this out as there is no information beyond what appears on the cassette covers above. You might notice there is also no track listing although I've made my best guesses for the mp3's.

Cuneiform - Live at the Calkins House '87-'88
Bacon Critters
Harris and Adele
Some Velvet Sidewalk
John O'Neil
Debbie Nesbitt
Debbie & Marty
Ed Beardsley
Elizabeth Cable
Hershel Bloom
Big Time Poetry Theatre
Marty Schwarzbauer
Mayor of Monroe
Jim Finley
David Braden

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wasted Effort (1983)

Richard Dawson - Guitar
Brent Ballantyne - Drums
Erskine Wood - Bass
Mathew Sheridan - Vocals

Another band I know pretty much nothing about, Wasted Effort was around in 1983. As far as I know, they released nothing while they were together and live tapes are all that exist.  Flyers are courtesy of Steve Nordby, thanks Steve!

Wasted Effort Live at the 3D Ballroom
1. Let It Fall
2. Sinking Slow and Fast
3. Crying in the Apartment
4. I Wanna Fuck You


Wasted Effort Live at the 3D Ballroom (Full Set, no track increments)


The Drills (1981-1983)

Buck Wallen (guitar)
Chuck Clearwater (bass)
Gregg Gouminiouk (vocals)
Bob Beigler (drums)

I don't believe they ever officially released anything . This single studio track is recorded from KLCC's Modern Mono back in 1983 when Dave Damage was the host.

1. Every Band Sucks (But the Drills)


A kind soul dug through his attic and found us an entire live Drills show from 1981! Big thanks to former Friendly Stranger Tim Farley for sharing. Now if we could just turn up additional studio demos...

The Drills - Live at Roosevelt Junior High, 1981

1. We Will Drill You

2. Mommy Gone Berserk
3. I Only Want to Be With You
4. Dropping Acid
5. Why Don't You Just Blow
6. Song of the South
7. Intro
8. Shoot the Blind and Kill the Handicapped
9. Rastaman's Delight (Kill the Pope)
10. 1-2-3
11. Johnny B. Goode
12. Masochistic Girl
13. We Hate John Davidson
14. They're Dead
15. Kill Yourself Rock 'n Roll
16. All We Want To Do Is Save the World


Dogwater (1988-1990)

Scott Kirkpatrick - Vocals
Boz Rivera - Drums
Ken Holst - Guitar
Chris - Bass
The first cassette released by Disgraceland, early 1989. Brett Morse and I recorded these guys live in their practice space. All songs were recorded in a single afternoon, vocals were overdubbed later the same day. I couldn't recall having seen a band play this fast, Boz looked like he was headed for a heart attack at the end of each set. This was the band's only official release although they did record a never released follow-up "Lick Your Neighbor" which I will also get around to posting soon.

1. Pretty Things
2. Swollen Head
3. You Lose
4. Other Side of the Fence
5. Groper
6. Drunk & Naked
7. Scruby Mama
8. Filter Fun
9. Shut Up Already
10. Marked For Life


This second Dogwater cassette was recorded in a single day in 1990 at the practice space in the house Green Noise records was in off of 6th St. The tape was intended to be the follow-up to the 10 Songs of Fun cassette released the year before by Disgraceland. Can't remember why this never came out, there was a cover drawn up and everything. I think the band may have broken up a couple of months after this was recorded. Scott or Ken, care to tell us the backstory?

Dogwater - Lick Your Neighbor (1990)

1. Who Do You Think You Are?
2. Kung Fool Rodge
3. Relationshit
4. 2 Feet
5. Nobody
6. Dope Doll
7. 2oth Century Texicana Bullshit
8. Robot Square Dance
9. Other Side of the Fence
10. Groper
11. Filter Fun
12. Scruby Mama

Johnson Unit (1984-1987)

John O'Neil - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Nordby - Bass/Vocals
Dean Guernsey - Drums
Dan Padgett - Drums on "Self Destruction"

This first Johnson Unit tape was the first local music I bought. I like the lo-fi sound but guitarist/singer John told me that I was one of only two or three people to ever think this tape was any good. I think it was $3 well spent! This was the first release from what would later become Dunghill Recordings which I think John & Steve co-founded.

1. Old Wounds
2. Production Surfing
4. Another Journey By Bus
5. Image Promotion
6. Thinking For Themselves
7. Live For Today
8. Production Dub
9. Self Destruction
10. Image Promotion (Live)
11. So You Want To Be a Rock 'n Roll Star? (Live)
12. Their Kind of Rebel (Live)


John O'Neil - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Nordby - Bass/Vocals
Robert Christie (R.I.P.) - Drums/Vocals

The second Johnson Unit cassette was recorded by Steve Nordby on his 4-track. I think this is a Eugene classic. This was the first tape I actually bought directly from a member of the band. John probably sold me most of the local tapes I've been carrying around for the last 25 years while he worked at House of Records. Please check the Panic on 13th Facebook page for many many Johnson Unit photos.

Johnson Unit - The Poor Get Poorer

1. Shop For Style
2. Imperialist
3. Their Kind of Rebel
4. Endless Story
5. Pneumatic Nightmare
6. Rally
7. Blitzkreig Lounge Bop
8. Chemistry
9. Reproduction
10. Instant
11. 100 Years Too Late
12. Story Through Your Eyes

John O'Neil - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Nordby - Bass/Vocals

Robert Christie (R.I.P.) - Drums/Vocals

The 3rd and final cassette by Johnson Unit released in '86. John and Steve would go on to form Uncle Charlie while Robert continued to play in Snakepit and would eventually also join Some Velvet Sidewalk and Oswald Five-O. The title of the tape was in reference to the construction of the parking lot on 13th and Patterson that I believe forced the demolition of Lenny's Nosh Bar as well as a number of other local businesses. Easily one of the best Eugene releases in my collection. Side one was the band doing originals, side two were covers. Enjoy!

Johnson Unit - Quick To Condemn (Dunghill, 1986, Cassette Only)

1. Before

2. Two Extremes

3. Lines

4. Not So Far Away

5. Watching Him Die

6. Singled Out

7. Quick To Condemn

8. Shutoff

9. A Victim

10. Facing Up (Bonus Track not on original release)

11. Niteline

12. Hazy Shade of Winter

13. Bad Moon Rising

14. Sonic Reducer

15. I Think We're Alone Now

16. New Wave Girlfriend

17. Time Won't Let Me

18. Abdul & Cleopatra

19. Casiotune

20. Jam Up and Jelly Tight

21. Space Truckin'

E-13 aka Etherteen (1982-1986)

John Lyons - Guitar/Vocals
Kelp Bed - Drums
Tim Murphy - Bass
Marc Heathfield - Vocals

From former member Todd Souvignier's website:

The core of E-13, also known as Etherteen or Ether-Teen, was John Lyons (guitar/vocals), Tim Murphy (bass), and Kelp Bed (born Bill Kuder, drums). The band was founded in September 1982 with guitarist Todd Souvignier and vocalist Damon Oliver. Oliver coined the name, inspired by a Venice gang, and the idea of the "Eugene Thirteen." Oliver soon moved into a rented house with Lyons (and others) located on Eugene's East 13th street.

Situated on a main street near the university campus, their high-visibility band house was a perpetual public spectacle, health hazard and freak magnet, yet attracted surprisingly little interference from the hippieshit neighbors and police. Ecstasy was not illegal in those days, but alcohol was the primary vice. There was a steady stream of adventurous breeding stock from South Eugene High School, almost no money whatsoever, and the wildest music and people, seven days a week.

The band played frequently, at venues including W.O.W. Hall and the Erb Memorial Union, as well as numerous house parties, and appeared with groups like the Wipers, TSOL, Minutemen, the Dead Kennedys, Dirge, Final Warning, and many, many others.

In early 1983 the group made a four-track recording, engineered by Chuck Clearwater, in the basement at E.13th Street. That recording by the original line-up was never released and is lost forever as far as we know. By the summer of 1983 both Souvignier and Oliver had been sacked, and the E. 13th St. house was kaput. Lyons took control of the band, brought in Mark "Hand Dog" Heathfield on vocals, and recorded the No Mercy For Swine EP. Other derelict band houses followed, notably the Vatican, which occasionally held shows in its basement, including an early D.R.I. gig. There was also the Cottage of Cheese, home to E-13 buddies the Cheeseheads.

Etherteen went on to release the Quest for Gilligan 7" (1985), their masterpiece. They also contributed a track to the Drinking Is Great compilation with Poison Idea, Final Warning, and Lockjaw (1985). All were issued on the legendary Fatal Erection label (run by Malcolm Conover, and the late Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts of Poison Idea) and are extremely rare. These E-13 recordings have since cropped up on various bootleg compilations.
By 1986 or '87 Lyons and Murphy had formed Osgood Slaughter, with Bruno Bersanti from Moose Lodge on vocals. The group moved to San Francisco, and did a record for Fatal Erection. Lyons eventually wound up in New York, where he led the Barnyard Playboys (1995-2005) and most recently, Peter and the Pansexuals. Murphy is also now in NY, where he works alongside Lyons. Kelp Bed is reportedly in San Francisco playing with Davo "Shredder" Levin. Souvignier is now in New Orleans, where he performs with SOUTHERN SEXUAL. Heathfield was last seen in San Francisco, but hasn't been heard from in years. "

E-13, the band, the legend! Most anyone who would have an interest in this blog has a funny story or two to share about these guys, I encourage you to do so in the comments. I think this is everything that was officially released but Malcolm would be the final word on that since he put all this stuff out in the first place. The "No Mercy For Swine" e.p. also has an insert and rear cover jpg that are included in the download. I would have posted them here but didn't want my blog shut down on day one for adult content. Enjoy! Also, an unreleased album exists but unfortunately someone will have to break into Malcolm's house to get a copy...

No Mercy For Swine

1. Ode to a Motorhome
2. Misguided Missle Youth
3. Eddie
4. Sport Pack
5. Humor Demons
6. Free the Cheese
7. Swizzle Stick
8. Clows Are Experts at Making Us Laugh
Drinking is Great (compilation 7')
9. Pankreatitis
Quest For Gilligan (7")
10. Quest For Gilligan
11. Cheesehead Alert




Moose Lodge - New World Babies (Cassette Only, 1984)


Purchased in 1984, this is a demo of amazing synth punk. Hilarious lyrics and a band that can really play. Years after this came out, John O'Neil told me he'd hung out with lead singer Bruno while he smashed copies of the tape in his garage with a hammer. Too bad, because there weren't many to go around, my copy was #86 of 100. Hard to pick a favorite here because I like them all so much but Vaporize Me, Atomize Me and New World Babies might be the standouts. As a bonus, I've included three tracks that didn't appear on the New World Babies tape, as far as I know this is the band's complete output. I only got to see them play once, it was at a high school dance where they had the plug pulled on them after 10 minutes. "It appears that we're done for the evening..." Bruno said, barely started on his two liter bottle of wine cooler sitting prominently on his synth before a room of teenagers. He later went on to sing in Osgood Slaughter and Billy Jack. At least one or two of these guys were also in E-13 at the time. I don't think a year has passed in the last 26 that I didn't listen to this at least a couple of times.
New World Babies
1) Sperm and the Ovum
2) New World Babies
3) Life's a Circus
4) Garbage Truck
5) Vaporize Me, Atomize Me
6) Program For the Future
7) Digital Watch
8) X-Ray Specs
9) Look at the Girls
10) Bricks and Bats
11) I'll Follow You
12) Lunatic
Bonus Tracks
11) Big Parade (from Panic on 13th cassette compilation)
12) Granny Rabbit (from Panic on 13th cassette compilation)
13) Death Is Our Friend (Unreleased Demo)


Moose Lodge's only video. Originally aired on the Mono Zone cable access show in Eugene, 1985?

The Resistance - Uprising (Cassette Only, 1985)

Only saw The Resistance once, at the EMU dining hall in early 1985. All I remember is the singer Gary wearing a beret and being annoyed that the crowd just sat there and didn't react at all. You'd think the guy had never played a show in Eugene before. This was the band's only official release although I heard they recorded a full-length too. I believe they broke up quickly and were only around for a few months. Anyone know more? I think this is a nice post-punk effort.

1. Look Around You
2. Powder Blue Room
3. Veteran's Day
4. Hey Sam

Attack and the Fun - Freedom Attack 7" (1980)

This is the earliest thing I have, the only (?) 7" from Attack and the Fun. Released in 1980, about all I know about them is that Steve Nordby said he used to see these guys at the EMU beer garden. They have a myspace page and are currently playing around Eugene as The Procrastinators which has to be the ultimate Eugene band name.

Freedom Attack 7"

1. Freedom Attack
2. It's Gone Deeper
3. Motorcade (bonus track)
4. Maxine (bonus track)

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