Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something She Said - Fluke (Cassette Only, 1991)

John Francis - Guitar/Vocals
Ty Hodson - Drums
Kurt Landre - Bass/Vocals

Something She Said existed for a short time, 1991-92? I don't recall seeing many people at their shows but they were one of my favorite bands at the time. Probably a little too pop oriented for the grunge obsessed Northwest of the early 90's but if these guys had been from the East Coast I imagine Matador would have snapped them up quicker than you could say the band's name. At some point in '92 shortly after the three bonus tracks I'm including here were recorded, Kurt left the band. Ty and John re-grouped as The Betmars and released a couple of things which I hope to eventually post so stay tuned.

Something She Said - Fluke (1991)

1. The Shortcoming Tendency of a Property Defect
2. All the Geniuses (Are Dead)
3. Bowlin' Pants
4. Rubberbands
5. Sub-Song
6. S' Just Like You
7. Only, They Do
8. Stuffing Myself for Doris (Again)
9. The Reality of Crab Fishing
10. Distance For Instance
11. Complimentary Mood
12. The Nice Thing

BONUS TRACKS (recorded in '92)

13. Backwards 3x
14. Impatient
15. That Smell Downstairs


Three Pigs - S/T (Cassette Only, 1991)

Eugene Saunders - Guitar
Ben Beebee (RIP) - Bass/Vocals
Rachel Blumberg - Drums/Vocals

Three Pigs were one of about a zillion projects the three band members were involved with during their time at the University of Oregon. Some jazz influence, some Firehose, some Vomit Launch (hearing sweet voiced Rachel sing Vomit Launch's "Swelling Admiration" is a personal favorite, so wrong but so right!). Don't know much about the history of the band, think Eugene was also in the Black Dahlias when this was recorded, Ben & Rachel were also in Otto. This tape has the distinction of being (by-far) the most difficult to transfer to the digital realm due to there being no time at all between tracks so sorry in advance if the track increments are a little sloppier than you're used to. The tape was engineered by Patrick Yonally who you may remember from The Batcows, The Davenports, if, The Black Dahlias, The Undertakers, Otto, Flypaper or Sugarking. There are probably a couple I'm forgetting too, Patrick was a very busy guy!

Three Pigs - S/T (1991)

1. None of the Above
2. Roadside Geography
3. Reflections
4. Not You
5. Fur Lined Roof
6. Wet Morning
7. Que La Gente Quiere
8. Consumer Tune
9. #1 Hit Song
10. Swelling Admiration
11. Mystery Train
12. Equinox
13. Sesame St. Jazz


Fieldburn (CD compilation, Pro-Arts 1993)

This compilation was released on cd in 1993 by Pro-Arts studios. It features tracks recorded by various bands at that studio. Friend of the blog Ron Kleim co-produced this thing and it features a couple of his bands.

Fieldburn (1993)

1. No Name - Oswald Five-O
2. World on Fire - Marble Orchard
3. Get Down - The Flapjacks
4. Western World - The Pearl Divers
5. Little Black Dot - The Whirlees
6. River In Your Mind - Marble Orchard
7. Tinted Windows - D.C. Beggars
8. Spitworm - Two Minutes Hate
9. Boppin' After Work - The Flapjacks
10. My Way - Oswald Five-O
11. Love on the Ground - The Pearl Divers
12. Going Somewhere - Marble Orchard
13. Re-Explore Your Mind - The Undertakers
14. Pegleg - The Whirlees
15. Amy - Flypaper
16. Get Stoned - The Electric Flies
17. Be - D.C. Beggars
18. Bad Dead - Two Minutes Hate
19. Proximity Fuse - The Detonators
20. Devil's Churn - The Electric Flies
21. Mine All Mine - The Undertakers
22. Act Your Rage - The Detonators
23. Igloo - Flypaper