Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hoodlums (1982-1987)

Dan Padgett - Bass
Andy Hooper - Vocals & Trombone
Eugene Flores - Vocals
Monica Casagrande - Saxaphone
Brooks Brown - Saxaphone
Alexi Petrohilos - Drums
Dov Osheroff - Guitar
Phil Miller - Guitar
Elise Hefti - Trumpet
Dick Glass - Keyboards
Jakob - Drums
Gary Kemp - Guitar

Got some help on the personnel, seems that a number of folks were in the Hoodlums at various points. Big thanks to Jennifer Gale for the Hoodlums poster at the top of this post, can't remember where I got the other pic, Jennifer was that you too?  I'm sure additional recordings of the band exist but this is all I've been able to unearth so far. I used to see The Hoodlums at the EMU Ballroom and the WOW Hall, even as a teenager I never understood how these guys weren't more popular than the Crazy 8's, love this band!

Venice Liberation Army

Andy Hooper - Vocals and trombone
Dov Osheroff - Guitar
Chris Higgins - Bass
Harris Thurmond - Guitar
Elise Hefty - Trumpet
Monica Cassagrande - Sax

Eric Moore - Harmonica
Glenn Bonney ? - Trombone

Big thanks to Tim Arnold for supplying the Venice Liberation Army track, a post-Hoodlums effort.

01. Shaved Ape


The tape was recorded from the sound board so it's high quality, think this must have been from one of the shows where they opened for the Crazy 8's way back in '84. A guy named Ed that I think was the brother of the Go-Go's bassist gave me this tape and a cassette of the band's unreleased album (find that below) when he was working at Valley River Records about 28 years ago. I guess he was living in a house with some of the band members. Glad that he gave me a copy and glad that I'm a pack rat or this would be lost to the ages. Most of the song titles are guesses so help me out if you know better, thanks!

The Hoodlums - Live at the EMU Ballroom 1984

1. You and I (partial)

2. This Person
3. My Chiquita
4. Wouldn't You Like to Talk
5. Follow Your Heart (Pt 1)
6. Follow Your Heart (Pt 2)
7. Find My Heaven
8. Through My Eyes
9. Hold Them High
10. Talk To Me
11. What You Are
12. Five Characters
13. I'm Laying Down


The Hoodlums were around in '84-'85 and played with the Crazy 8's a lot, too fast to be reggae, too slow to be ska. The Hoodlums neglected to release any material at the time. These recordings were for a planned LP that never materialized. 

The Hoodlums Unreleased LP
1. This Is Your Life
2. This Person
3. Through My Eyes
4. Follow Your Heart
5. You and I
6. My Chiquita
7. My Beach