Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vicious Circle - Demos (Unreleased, '81)

Ron Kleim - Vocals/Guitar
Bob Allen - Bass
Jeff Bement - Drums

Ron was kind enough to send me these demos awhile back and I'm finally getting off my ass and posting them. I believe this was all the band recorded. Don't know much about their history although I'm sure most of you know Ron would later form The Surf Trio and Marble Orchard.

Vicious Circle - Demos

1. Beach Girl
2. Deep In Your Eyes
3. I'm Still Alive
4. Johnny the Vegetable Boy


The Falling Spikes - Teen Trash Vol. 10 (LP Music Maniac Records)

John Barley - Guitar/Vocals
Molly Drahn (Barley) - Vocals
John Ferris - Guitar
George Khier - Organ/Harmonica/Guitar
Pete Weinberger - Bass
Michael Miller - Bass
Boyd Small - Drums
Bob Beisser - Drums
Richie Cuellar - Drums

Okay so I don't remember everyone who was in The Falling Spikes although I did see them play a few times. I'm sure someone will ridicule me on the Facebook page and eventually provide the needed information. John Barley has been playing music in Eugene for a long time and most of you must've seen him in several bands. This record compiles all The Falling Spikes recordings with one exception but I can't remember which song that was, just that the master had been destroyed. Hopefully a few of the former Spikes will chime in with some history and let us know what the missing tune is.

The Falling Spikes - Teen Trash Vol. 10 (Music Maniac Records)

1. 7+7 Is
2. Doesn't Matter Anymore
3. You're Gonna Miss Me
4. Big Blue Wave
5. Clam Dippin'
6. The Door
7. Teenage Head
8. History
9. Don't Crowd Me
10. Glass in the Sand
11. Pushin' Too Hard
12. Headline
13. Lost World
14. My Baby Hurt My Head

Friday, May 18, 2012

Los Xplorers - Live 1981 (Unreleased)

Henry Cooper - Guitar
John Barley - Guitar
Fred Kellogg - Bass
Marlon Rieber - Drums
Frank Poloney - Sax

Los Xplorers were around from '80-'82 and played at Taylor's a lot. This band could seriously play! Don't know much about their history but I'm thankful that Henry has given me permission to post these live tracks. I think Henry said he had a few discs of live material that had recently been given to him by a fan, hopefully Henry will eventually share more of this stuff with us. Enjoy!

Los Xplorers - Live, 1981

1. Mohawk Twist
2. Shake Your Money Maker
3. Bad Boy
4. Baby Scratch My Back
5. The Crawl
6. Watch Out
7. Cochran Medley
8. Rawhide
9. Madison Blues
10. Rock Therapy
11. Long Legged Girl
12. Treat Her Right
13. Rockinitis
14. New Orleans/Mickey's Monkey/Shout

Michael Billings - Old Shorteyes is Back (Cassette Only, Dunghill 1988)

Front Cover Removed by request

 Michael Billings - Vocals, probably too many instruments to list
Virtually anyone who'd picked up an instrument in Eugene - Various other instruments

This is a compilation of Mr. Billings' material released by Dunghill in 1988. I know Dominance appeared on the Panic on 13th compilation and I think a couple of these tracks were on The While Liberals' Cat Behavior 12" ep (which I'll also eventually post) but I'm not sure which of Michael's bands originally recorded the other tracks. If anyone could shed some light on any of the tracks I'd really appreciate it. Check out Michael Billings' latest project here Black Roof City

Michael Billings - Old Shorteyes is Back!! (Dunghill, 1988)
1. Too White to Fuck
2. Detached Retina
3. Dominance
4. Life on the Farm
5. Solid Citizens
6. Excess Straight
7. Frank, Guy, Mike
8. Once Upon a Time in Eugene
9. 29 Diamonds
10. Liberals
11. Soul But No Soul
12. Mundane
13. Litany
14. Capetown Monday
15. Big Shot
16. I Am the Jackal
17. Two Men and a Cow


Dose - Singleton b/w Sparrow Song 7" +1 (C/Z Records,'90)

Rob Henson - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Ross - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Grey - Bass
Collin Ross - Drums

Here is the first (only?) single by Dose released in '91 by CZ Records. The additional track was on I-5 Killers V2 I think. All three songs were originally released by the band as a demo cassette. They were around for at least a couple of years so it seems like they must have recorded more than this, anyone know? My knowledge is pretty much limited to the fact that Rob used to live on W12th across an alley from me. Not much to go on is it?

Dose - Singleton 7" (1991)

1. Singleton
2. Sparrow Song
3. Evil Boweevil (bonus track)