Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crawdads of Pure Love (1990?)

Chip Cohen - Bass, Fiddle, Vocals
Dave Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Ken Sokolov - Drums, Percussion
Chuck White - Guitar, Vocals

Never saw these guys although I do recall seeing their posters around town. This is another one that comes to us courtesy of Erich Boekelheide. Don't know too much about them, anyone? Not sure whether or not this was their only release. Anyone have any flyers?

Electric (1990, Cassette Only)

1. Trouble

2. The Bus Song
3. Slow Suicide
4. 5 O'Clock Cat in 6
5. Long Overdue Goodbye


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snakepit (1984-1990)

Al Larson - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Robert Christie (RIP) - Drums/Vocals
Joe Argast - Bass/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass on "Tonight's the Night"

Barely know where to start with this one. Snakepit were one of Eugene's finest bands. John O'Neil talked me into forking over $3.00 to purchase this back in '85 never having heard the band. This tape, along with the first two Johnson Unit tapes and the lone Moose Lodge cassette began my obsession with obtaining every Eugene demo possible. To this day, I don't understand how Snakepit failed to become absolutely huge. The music speaks for itself and I'm eternally grateful to Mike Johnson for allowing me to share this with you.

Snakepit - Soul Like a Goat (1985)

1. Wedding Train
2. Rachel
3. You Tell Me
4. A Short Narrative
5. Me & Mine
6. Sunrise
7. All Nerves
8. Still Haunts Me
9. Wishing Well
10. Waiting For You
11. Tonight's the Night (Live)
12. Art Song (bonus track)


Mike Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass
Robert Christie - Drums/Vocals

This second cassette only release came out in '87 and was engineered by Ron Synovitz who was also kind enough to re-master it! This is the first time the recording has been available here and it's long overdue. Billy Karren was on the verge of joining the band and actually played on some of the live material that filled out the side but the studio tracks are just Mike, Robert & Laura. Hopefully I can get Ron to share some stories about this recording, will update accordingly.

Snakepit - From Vegas to Memphis (1987)

1. Party
2. Turn Around
3. From the Start
4. Sagetown
5. Important
6. A Smile
7. TV Eye (Live)



Mike Johnson - Guitar/Vocals
Billy Karren - Guitar/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass
Robert Christie - Drums/Vocals

At long last, here is the first Snakepit single! The band had previously released two cassettes (Soul Like a Goat, already posted on this blog and From Vegas to Memphis, coming soon) but his was the first time the band had committed anything to vinyl. The tracks were recorded in '88 at Smegma in Portland with Mike Lastra. I heard many years ago that they recorded 7 tracks at the session but the 4 posted here are all I have. If anyone can confirm that additional tracks were recorded please email me, especially if you have the songs! Don't feel like I need to type much about this record, it speaks for itself and you should have already clicked the download link before you even read this far.

Snakepit - Wait ('88)

1. Wait
2. Disease
3. Susanville
4. Decay (bonus track originally appeared on Positively 13th St. compilation cassette)



Mike Johnson - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Laura McDougall - Bass
Robert Christie - Drums/Vocals

This was the final release by Snakepit although it was not the last material they recorded. Released in 1990 by Dunghill I can't even remember if the band was still playing live at the time with Joe Preston on bass. The front cover is an ominous photo of Robert walking in his burned down apartment at 951 Patterson. The night the place burned Snakepit was supposed to be playing a show at the EMU Dining Hall, it would have been the first time they'd played Eugene in months. The tracks on this post were all recorded at Gung Ho and it's strange to hear the band in the kind of clarity that Gung Ho provides. I wish they'd recorded many many albums but after this there was only the unreleased Eeyore.

 Snakepit - Waste 7" + Bonus Tracks (1990)

1. Waste
2. Million
3. Say It's So (Originally appeared on 13th St. Revisited cassette comp)
4. Rot (Unreleased)
5. Searching For a Five (Unreleased)
6. Finger In Judgement (Unreleased)
7. Lovers Understand (Unreleased, Robert Sings!)


Mike Johnson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (?)
Robert Christie - Drums, Vocals

This unreleased album was the last studio stuff Snakepit recorded. I believe this was all done at Gung-Ho Studios in 1989 and I'm not sure if Laura was still around to play bass on these tracks, I think it was just Mike and Robert by this point. Not much to say, this should have come out over 20 years ago but for a variety of reasons, that never happened. When I asked Mike's permission to post this, he said sure although he couldn't "imagine that anyone would want to hear it." Please let him know he was wrong about that in the comments. Many of these songs later appeared in different form on Mike's solo albums, I guess that makes this sort of like Snakepit's V.U. or Another View?

Snakepit - Eeyore (Unreleased '89)

1. Home Ground

2. Impatient & Unwilling
3. You're Alive
4. Separation
5. Giving Up on Time
6. Passed By
7. F.M.D.
8. Another Time
9. Slipping Away
10. A Reason
11. Obvious
12. Victim


Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Headhunters (1983-85)

Matt Griffin - bass
Dave Flanagan - drums
Paul Chandler - guitar
Nelson de Sae Silva - guitar/vocals

I never saw the Headhunters but they are the first local band I ever remember hearing on KRVM. "Anorexia" was something of a local hit I suppose. I don't think any of the recordings below were ever released but as always, feel free to correct me.

From the Panic on 13th Yahoo group (Joe Lewis?):

"Started as a punkabilly trio composed of Coos Bay transplants, opened for Los Falcons added Nelson and went poppy. Played The Vatican, beer gardens, Max's etc.  Recorded "Anorexia"; and others (played on KRVM-good review in The Rocket in '84)  Went to Austin in summer '85 -played Liberty Lunch and opened for The Hickoids and Wild Seeds."

From Robert Shepard who was kind enough to supply the recordings here:

"A member of drummer Flanagan's family owned a really nice recording studio in the woods upriver a few miles from Coos Bay, on the west fork of the Millicoma, called Tioga Recording Studio. This was recorded and mixed there."

Headhunters (Untitled Tioga Studio tape, 1985)
1. Anorexia
2. Push and Shove
3. The Horrible Color
4. Printed Blue
5. Walk in Light
6. The Point Is
7. Celsius
8. Jet Plane


Headhunters (Texas Tape, 1985)
1. What We've Done Here
2. Borneo
3. Cut from Stone
4. Walk in Light
5. Jet Plane
6. Heights Baptist


Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Batcows (1988-1989)

Patrick Yonally - Guitar/Vocals
Brent Karnes - Bass/Vocals
Erinn Fralich - Drums
Joe McCargar - Guitar/Vocals

The Batcows were around in the late 80's for a little over a year, they relocated to Eugene from Grants Pass when the entire band enrolled at the U of O. My first not-so-great band The Exploding Cats used to play regularly with these guys at house parties all over campus. I recorded this demo on a 4-track in the living room of Patrick's apartment. I think it sounds pretty good considering that towards the end Joe was so drunk we had to lean him against a wall to play his parts.  Favorite part was that Patrick had wired headphones into a football helmet and the vocals were all performed with that on. I think this is all that has survived, there were a few additional songs recorded but the master is long gone. The tape was eventually released by Patrick about a year after the band broke up but I don't have the cover art. Patrick?

The Batcows - F is for Fred (1989)

1. No Fun Tonight
2. Hell
3. Do You Ever Wonder Why?
4. You're Almost More Important
5. Green Felt
6. Everywhere I Go
7. Options
8. Life, Death or Whatever
9. You Don't Understand
10. So What
11. Purport Animation


Live in Grants Pass (1988)

1. Intro
2. Life, Rain and the Terrible Thing
3. Intro
4. Peace of Mind
5. I Love You
6. Hell
7. Strange Days
8. Tonight


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clear My Name (1986-1988?)

Alexandra Mattia - Vocals
Scott McLean - Drums
Jeff Langston - Bass
Casey Scholz - Guitar

As you may have guessed from the personnel listed above, Clear My Name is a foggy memory for me (personnel corrected, thanks to Tim Arnold). I used to crash U of O parties in the mid-80's to see them which must have really been appreciated by the college kids since I was about 15 at the time. John O'Neil made me a tape of this unreleased material back in '87 or so. Dunghill was going to release a Clear My Name tape but it fell through and the only track to ever officially see the light of day was Glass Jar on the Positively 13th St. comp. Additional recordings exist but so far the Panic on 13th blog and Scott McLean legal teams have been unable to reach an agreement on whether or not that material should ever surface. Hopefully more soon!

Clear My Name - Unreleased Demo (1987?)

01. Unknown Title
02. In the Child's Eyes
03. Unknown Title
04. These Boots Are Made For Walking
05. Unknown Title
06. White Rabbit
07. Unknown Title
08. Mr. Microphone
09. Unknown Title
10. Nicaragua
11. Glass Jar


Monday, July 29, 2013

Carrion Commandos (1983-1986)

V'sar 23 - Vocals
Breo Nebraska - Drums
Ziggy Fasternation - Bass
DMT - Guitar
Mott Madanav - Keyboards?

This must be the strangest of the Eugene tapes I own. In the past, I've described the Carrion Commandos as a band one might listen to while committing homicide. Creepy stuff, this was originally released in 1983 and I'm told the original packaging included a few strands of band members' pubic hair. I bought my copy off a punk rock guy named Tom who happened to have the tape with him when the subject came up. Thankfully, the copy I bought didn't include everything the tape originally came with. Lead singer Vsar 23 used to live in the basement apartment of the house I lived in while I went to college. Once, my downstairs neighbor went down to the basement to complain about the noise level and Vsar growled at her like a dog until she freaked out and left. I guess that sort of mindset explains much of what is going on here although nothing could explain the combination of drugs they must have been on to think doing a parody of I Eat Cannibal was a good idea.


1. I Must Kill
2. Everybody's Gonna Die Tonight
3. Dawn of Nothing
4. Drooling Idiot
5. I Dump In My Sleep
6. The Boob Song
7. A.N.U.S.
8. Green Piss
9. The Day My Dick Broke Off
10. Free Hunky Dunky
11. Under the Bed
12. Maggots
13. Two Bobs West
14. Money
15. I Eat Carrion
16. Dawn Polka Patrol
17. Die Die Die

Download includes entire booklet that came with original cassette!



No idea when these were recorded or who was in the band at this point. Thanks to Robert Shepard for sending these my way though.

1. Frog Wars
2. Unknown Title
3. Unknown Title
4. Unknown Title


Same as above, thanks again to Robert!

1. Intro
2. It's Raining Meat
3. Joe's Blob
5. Zero Hour
7. Noirrac Sodnammac
8. Self-Regulation II 
9. Three Dances
10. Treated Like Shit
11. Uruk (Cities of Iron & Fire)


Again, no idea on the year or the personnel but thank you to Patrick Neve for the recordings!

1. The Growler
2. Louie Louise
3. This is a Very Funky Sing - This is Shit
4. Ay Ay Ay Ay
5. Dawn Patrol Polka (several takes)
6. I Must Kill (rehearsal)
7. Joined at the Head
8. Six Fingers
9. Bed
10. Other Music
11. Die Die Die (several takes)
12. Granny Had an Abcess
13. Die Die Die
14. Die Die Die (falsetto)
15. Gimme Gimme Gimme
16. Ah Stinks
17. Gonna Make a Scene
18. Two Bobs West
19. Mother That's DIRT You're Eating
20. Death on My Breath
21. Bed (reprise)
22. Cop in Front of My House
23. Dead Meat
24. Running Naked to New Jersey
25. ___
26. Tiny Man From Georgia
27. I Don't Like Vegetables
28. It Gets Very Lonely Out Here
29. Hot Rod America
30. ____ (2)
31. The Future is Breathing Down Your Neck
32. The Future is Like, Nothing


More from Patrick Neve!

1. It's Raining Meat
2. Joe's Blob
4. Zero Hour

Monday, July 8, 2013

None If Any (198?-198?)

Cam Hauck (R.I.P.)

I never saw this band but remember hearing their name and seeing flyers around town. Mid-80's? All photos and the demo are once again courtesy of Erich Boekelheide, guess I'll have to try to get more info on the band out of him, there may be video! Not sure if the demos below were ever officially released. Anyone with more information please speak up!

None If Any

1. Toothless Girl
2. Beat My Kitty
3. Laundry For Fun
4. Surf Kill
5. Wrong Rhumba



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

J. Gallows & the Executioners (1980-81)

Julie Hodge - Guitar/Vocals
Madjym (R.I.P.) - Bass
Mark Cummings - Drums/Xylophone

Before we even get started, a sincere thank you to Joe Lewis for the pictures and to Erich Boekelheide for recording the demos, holding on to them for all these years and finally for sharing them. These are the first demos I've been able to uncover from the small first wave of Eugene punk influenced bands. I didn't think I'd ever be able to turn up recordings like this.  This also marks the first band to make the format change on this blog which will be each band having their own page with all available recordings and pictures. Figured it's easier to add more recordings/pictures as they surface and keep things a bit tidier.

Julie Hodge was J. Gallows and evidently Madjym used to wear an executioner costume with a fencing mask covering his face. Mark Cummings left the band to attend college elsewhere and was replaced by Chuck Clearwater. At some point in the band's brief history ('80-'81) Madjym was also replaced by Bob Allen. I believe all recordings posted here are of the original lineup mentioned at the top of the page.

If anyone has additional recordings, pictures or stories about the band, please send them in!

Session 1 

1. Blood Back in My Eyes
2. Daddy's Girl
3. Got It On Paper
4. To Execute (false start)
5. To Execute
6. Dog Lady
7. Pave It
8. Pave It
9. Young Ones (no vocals)
10. Blood Back in My Eyes (no vocals)
11. (Mystery Roach)
12. Daddy's Girl (no vocals)
13. Boy With the Plastic Socks
14. Fat Rats (false start)
15. Fat Rats
16. All By Myself
17. Jack & Mary
18. Art Attack
19. Art Attack
20. Art Attack
21. Going To Your Party Tonight
22. To Execute
23. So Tired


Session 2

1. Got It On Paper
2. To Execute (false start)
3. To Execute
4. Dog Lady
5. Heart Attack (false start)
6. Heart Attack
7. Pave It
8. Pave It
9. Young Ones (no vocals)
10. Blood Back in My Eyes
11. Mystery Roach
12. Daddy's Girl
13. The Boy With the Plastic Socks
14. Fat Rats (false start)
15. Fat Rats
16. All By Myself
17. Jack & Mary
18. Art Show
19. Blood Back in My Eyes
20. Daddy's Girl (no vocals)
21. Clique
22. To Execute
23. Meat on a Stick
24. Young Ones
25. Pithy Fetus - Slice & Dice
26. Walter Brennan - The Epic Ride of John Glenn


Picture and Flyer Archive


Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Rangers - S/T (Cassette Only, late 80's?)

I got a copy of this from Wayne Shellabarger who I believe said there were a couple of ex-E-13 members in the band? Tim Murphy maybe? This is punk rock. You now know as much as I do. Least informative post yet...

The Rangers 

1. The Dill Song
2. LSD 25
3. For the Beer
4. Put the Hammer Down
5. I Wanna Eat More Pussy Now
6. Santa Clause
7. More Beer Now
8. Barnyard Beauties
9. Chippy Patrol


Chemakill - Chemical Playground (1990, Cassette Only)

Rob - Guitar
Mike - Bass/Vocals
Randy (R.I.P.) - Drums

Chemankill were around for a few years late 80's - early 90's. I know they released at least one other tape and if I recall if was lo-fi and came out before this one. Don't know much history, anyone want to help out?

Chemakill - Chemical Playground (1990)

1. Accused
2. Walls of Pain
3. It's Your Fault


Monday, May 27, 2013

Dead Girlfriend - S/T (Cassette Only, 1995)

Ryder Greene - Bass
Cindy - Guitar/Vocals
Gordon - Drums

Here is some punk rock courtesy of Dead Girlfriend, a band I don't know a ton about even though I knew Ryder reasonably well back in the day. I think this tape came out in '94 or '95 and I believe the band played at Icky's a number of times. Cindy was one of a few Wisconsin transplants who had moved to Eugene around this time. I believe this was the band's only release, will hit up Ryder for more info.

Dead Girlfriend (1995)

1. Out My Way Punk
2. Fortress
3. Broken Dream
4. Road Trip
5. Run
6. Waves
7. Get Out
8. Log Home


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Bubba - Spank Your Wanker! (Cassette Only, 1995)

Mike - Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Randy (R.I.P.) - Drums

Here' s another release I know next to nothing about. I think Big Bubba were part of the Icky's Teahouse thing but others could speak with much more authority on the subject since this was released a bit after my time in Eugene. I know Randy was also in Chemakill, guess I'll post something by them soon too. Thanks to Gordon of Divine Plague for sending this my way!

Big Bubba - Spank Your Wanker! (1995)

1. Drunk Again
2. Spank Your Wanker
3. Kicked Out
4. Suck the Tit
5. Manson Girls
6. Good Puss
7. There Is No God
8. No Excuse
9. Farm Night
10. All My Hate
11. I'm a Freak
12. Shitty Day
13. Girl Punk


Friday, May 3, 2013

t minus ten - tea with the telepaths e.p. (Pulp Plastic, 1989)

Al Larsen - Vocal, Guitar
Mike Johnson - Guitar
Robert Christie - Drums

t minus ten was probably more a fun weekend in Olympia than a band, don't think they ever played live. The record surfaced sometime in 1989 meaning it was probably recorded in '87 or '88. Al sings all the songs, sorta sounds like Some Velvet Sidewalk with Mike adding a lead track over the top. Some Velvet Snakepit?

t minus ten - tea with the telepaths e.p.

1. drag
2. hope
3. shipwreckin'
4. ain't it


The White Liberals - Cat Behavior 12" e.p. (Solid Citizens Records, 1985)

Michael Billings - Vocals/Guitar
Brent Bosworth - Guitar/Background Vocals
Doug Wilson - Keyboards/Background Vocals
Joji Nagata - Bass
Chris Gould - Horn/Background Vocals
Dave O'Toole - Alto Sax
Tom Pettit - Drums

Finally posting the While Liberal's only release (?) at least the only one I'm aware of. This was the local vinyl I was aware of courtesy of the huge display at Earth River Records at the time of release. Don't know much about the history of the band, hopefully Mr. Billings will share some details. Anyone have any live recordings or any other material to supplement these 5 tracks?

The White Liberals - Cat Behavior

1. Shame On Me
2. Liberals
3. Sport of Kings
4. Mundane
5. Cat Behavior


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Naked Lunchbox - S/T? (Unreleased? 199?)

Marty Schwarzbauer - Rhythm Guitar
Pete Weinberger - Lead Guitar, Farfisa
Tim Kerans - Alto/Soprano Sax
Khiota Therrien - Tenor Sax
Jim Barber - Bass
Jon ?? - Drums

Okay, I freely admit to knowing nothing at all about Naked Lunchbox other than the personnel listed above and the fact that this recording exists. Tim Kerans was kind enough to send this my way recently, not sure if this was ever actually released or not. About all Tim wrote was that he was in this band in "the early 90's" and said Marty might have the cover art. Anyone care to fill in the blanks?

Naked Lunchbox

1. The Fall
2. Call Me Mr. Jones
3. A Matter of Pride
4. For Pete's Sake
5. It's So Dark
6. 45 Died
7. Secrets
8. Three Fires Burning
9. Penetration
10. Who Said
11. From a Buick 6
12. Tiptoe
13. Barbary Coast

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Divine Plague - Eat My Shorts (Cassette Only, 1990)

Gordon Grant - Guitar
Mike Gravelle - Drums
Ryan Hunter - Bass
Clay Hoffman - Vocals

Info surfaces from former member Ryan Hunter:

Divine Plague existed from roughly 1987 to 1993. we had the dumb idea to trade instruments at least once every show, but the line up for the most part was: vocals-clay "red bird" hoffman, drums-mike "mosh" gravelle, six-string- gordon "gordy" grant, and four-string- ryan "scumbag" hunter (all did vocals to some degree)
 I might have seen them play a house party once but it's hard to remember, one of those beer soaked evenings. Uber Hall maybe? I don't know, punk rock!

Divine Plague - Eat My Shorts! (Cassette only, 1990)

1. 655321
2. Expendable Youth
3. '88
4. Double Load
5. Ode to the Sugardaddy
6. Python Sketch
7. Search and Destroy
8. Outro


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Runtmeyer - Unreleased Demo (1992)

Brooks Masten - Bass
Raenie Kane - Drums
Paul Anson - Guitar
Denise Christie (Hall) (RIP) - Vocals

Runtmeyer were around for a brief period in '92-'93. I don't know anything about the band's history other than Denise left at some point and Debbie Nesbitt became the new singer for awhile. I saw them only once at Max's. I stood too close to the stage and it was so loud my knees actually buckled, one of the very few times that ever happened to me. I remember Raenie telling me that Ed Hutton was the engineer on this tape and that he chose to record "the drums first." I think she meant that that was not a good way to do things but this demo sounds pretty good to me. The only tracks that were ever actually released are #14. Apple Juice on the Pollen Count cassette compilation and #01 on the Slaughter on 13th cassette compilation. Very willing to add more info to this post if anyone wants to share band history, photos etc. Anyone have anything to add?

Runtmeyer - Unreleased Demo

1. Grip
2. Lick the Wound
3. Apple Juice
4. Brown Paper Bag
5. Losing Battle
6. Another Day
7. Eat Apples
8. I Love You
9. You Don't Understand
10. Angela
11. Living in the City
12. Invisible
13. There's No Difference
14. Apple Juice (Pollen Count version)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jasper - S/T (CD, 1994 Ruckus Records)

David Krueger - Vocals/Violin
Adam Glogauer - Drums/Guitar
Nate Schreiner - Bass
Jason Guyer - Guitar

When Now William called it quits (1993?) the band split into Elgin (Max and Charlie) and Jasper (Adam and David).  I used to go see Jasper quite a lot at John Henry's where they always seemed uniquely out of place. Too moody for a bar band maybe? I think this cd holds up really well, the band was under-appreciated. In addition to Now William and Jasper, David frequently collaborated with Mike Johnson. Adam was in a ton of bands including Frank Booth and the Neighbors, Uncle Charlie, Now William, Jasper, bunny summer, The Cherry Poppin' Daddies and probably a bunch more that I'm forgetting.  Never knew Nate or Jason that well, anyone know where they came from/went to?

Jasper - S/T (1994)

1. The Shell
2. Glass
3. Chance to Wait
4. Awakenings
5. Ten Times
6. Vandalia
7. Crosses
8. The Ascent
9. Resist
10. Reunion
11. Slow Tide


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Less Than Zero - Eugene's First Zine? (1980)

Can't remember who originally published these, the editor was L. Zalin whoever that was. Maybe Steve Ibach or Henry Cooper would like to refresh my memory? I believe this magazine was Eugene's first 'zine way back in 1980! Henry Cooper was kind enough to send me his copies or these might be lost to the ages forever just like almost everything else on this blog would be. Anyone have a copy of the first issue they'd like to share? I believe there were only three published and here are issues #2 and #3.

Less Than Zero #2, May 1980

Features J. Gallows and the Executioners (who recorded a demo I'm still trying to get!), The Symbiotics (Eugene's first all-girl band? A live recording may exist but I haven't been able to track it down) as well as record and show reviews and a report on the Portland scene. Speaking of that, where the fuck is the Portland equivalent of this blog? If there is one could someone please send me a link?


Less Than Zero #3, Sometime later in 1980

Features Xplorers, a Where Are They Now article explaining the demise of Eugene's early punkish bands as well as record reviews, comics and a lot about the U.K.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something She Said - Fluke (Cassette Only, 1991)

John Francis - Guitar/Vocals
Ty Hodson - Drums
Kurt Landre - Bass/Vocals

Something She Said existed for a short time, 1991-92? I don't recall seeing many people at their shows but they were one of my favorite bands at the time. Probably a little too pop oriented for the grunge obsessed Northwest of the early 90's but if these guys had been from the East Coast I imagine Matador would have snapped them up quicker than you could say the band's name. At some point in '92 shortly after the three bonus tracks I'm including here were recorded, Kurt left the band. Ty and John re-grouped as The Betmars and released a couple of things which I hope to eventually post so stay tuned.

Something She Said - Fluke (1991)

1. The Shortcoming Tendency of a Property Defect
2. All the Geniuses (Are Dead)
3. Bowlin' Pants
4. Rubberbands
5. Sub-Song
6. S' Just Like You
7. Only, They Do
8. Stuffing Myself for Doris (Again)
9. The Reality of Crab Fishing
10. Distance For Instance
11. Complimentary Mood
12. The Nice Thing

BONUS TRACKS (recorded in '92)

13. Backwards 3x
14. Impatient
15. That Smell Downstairs