Saturday, March 23, 2013

Divine Plague - Eat My Shorts (Cassette Only, 1990)

Gordon Grant - Guitar
Mike Gravelle - Drums
Ryan Hunter - Bass
Clay Hoffman - Vocals

Info surfaces from former member Ryan Hunter:

Divine Plague existed from roughly 1987 to 1993. we had the dumb idea to trade instruments at least once every show, but the line up for the most part was: vocals-clay "red bird" hoffman, drums-mike "mosh" gravelle, six-string- gordon "gordy" grant, and four-string- ryan "scumbag" hunter (all did vocals to some degree)
 I might have seen them play a house party once but it's hard to remember, one of those beer soaked evenings. Uber Hall maybe? I don't know, punk rock!

Divine Plague - Eat My Shorts! (Cassette only, 1990)

1. 655321
2. Expendable Youth
3. '88
4. Double Load
5. Ode to the Sugardaddy
6. Python Sketch
7. Search and Destroy
8. Outro


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Runtmeyer - Unreleased Demo (1992)

Brooks Masten - Bass
Raenie Kane - Drums
Paul Anson - Guitar
Denise Christie (Hall) (RIP) - Vocals

Runtmeyer were around for a brief period in '92-'93. I don't know anything about the band's history other than Denise left at some point and Debbie Nesbitt became the new singer for awhile. I saw them only once at Max's. I stood too close to the stage and it was so loud my knees actually buckled, one of the very few times that ever happened to me. I remember Raenie telling me that Ed Hutton was the engineer on this tape and that he chose to record "the drums first." I think she meant that that was not a good way to do things but this demo sounds pretty good to me. The only tracks that were ever actually released are #14. Apple Juice on the Pollen Count cassette compilation and #01 on the Slaughter on 13th cassette compilation. Very willing to add more info to this post if anyone wants to share band history, photos etc. Anyone have anything to add?

Runtmeyer - Unreleased Demo

1. Grip
2. Lick the Wound
3. Apple Juice
4. Brown Paper Bag
5. Losing Battle
6. Another Day
7. Eat Apples
8. I Love You
9. You Don't Understand
10. Angela
11. Living in the City
12. Invisible
13. There's No Difference
14. Apple Juice (Pollen Count version)