Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Naked Lunchbox - S/T? (Unreleased? 199?)

Marty Schwarzbauer - Rhythm Guitar
Pete Weinberger - Lead Guitar, Farfisa
Tim Kerans - Alto/Soprano Sax
Khiota Therrien - Tenor Sax
Jim Barber - Bass
Jon ?? - Drums

Okay, I freely admit to knowing nothing at all about Naked Lunchbox other than the personnel listed above and the fact that this recording exists. Tim Kerans was kind enough to send this my way recently, not sure if this was ever actually released or not. About all Tim wrote was that he was in this band in "the early 90's" and said Marty might have the cover art. Anyone care to fill in the blanks?

Naked Lunchbox

1. The Fall
2. Call Me Mr. Jones
3. A Matter of Pride
4. For Pete's Sake
5. It's So Dark
6. 45 Died
7. Secrets
8. Three Fires Burning
9. Penetration
10. Who Said
11. From a Buick 6
12. Tiptoe
13. Barbary Coast