Friday, July 27, 2012

Godbone - S/T Demo (Cassette Only, 1989)

Adem Tepedelen - Bass
Mark Porter - Vocals
James Halada - Drums
Mike - Guitar

From what I recall, Godbone were around briefly from late '88 until some point in '89 when they morphed into Fireclown. My first band played a house party with them (same location as the party written about in the review above) and since there was no stage I guess I'd have to say they blew us out of the living room. They could play and they had lots of energy. We had very little skill and an equal amount of energy. Anyway, Godbone self-released a cassette in '89 which would have been lost to the world if Lisa John hadn't held onto it for the last 23 years so thank you Lisa! If anyone else held onto a copy and has the original cover art, please email it to me so I can add it to the post. This is very likely the finest rock recording to ever originate from Coos Bay.

Adem, how the hell did you guys end up recording this in Coos Bay anyway?

Godbone ('89)

1. AIDS Song
2. Overcast
3. Empty Shell
4. Take You Higher


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prairie School - Green 7"

Chris Sherry - Drums
Tony Barry- Bass
Scott Glass - Guitar/Vocals
As far as I know, this is the only 7" released by Prairie School. I think this came out in '90 or '91? Don't know if they recorded stuff beyond this single or what happened to the band after this came out, anyone? If you'd like to hear more I posted some 4-track demos awhile back.

Prairie School - Green 7"

1. Green
2. Insufficient

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bottled Hungarian - I Called (Cassette and double 7" ep, '88)

Marty Schwarzbauer - Bass/Vocals
Juan Camacho - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Debbie Nesbitt - Vocals
Scott Adamo - Drums

Despite the longevity of the band and it's many, many personnel changes, I Called was the only actual release. The album first appeared on cassette in early 1988 and later as two separate 7" e.p.'s issued by Tombstone and Moxie in late '88 or early '89. During this period, Bottled Hungarian were Eugene's answer to X and they did the job well. Marty would later re-form A Few Chairs with Mimi Raiter who eventually changed their name to Skeleton Closet and released a cd which I still hope to obtain a copy of. Juan was in the Detonators, Debbie went on to play guitar and sing in the Exploding Cats and also became the singer in Runtmeyer after Denise Christie left the band. Anyone know what became of Scott? Enjoy the download, this one has stood the test of time! Marty has other recordings by different incarnations of the band but I haven't been able to wrangle a copy from him just yet, stay tuned.

Bottled Hungarian - I Called (1988)

1. You and Me
2. Tip Toe
3. It's So Dark
4. Isolation
5. Lightning Strikes Twice
6. I Called
7. Broken Mirrors
8. Alone
9. A Promise
10. He Was My Friend
11. Greenback Dollar
12. Boyfriend
13. Police Action