Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Soulsations - Live at Taylor's & the Eugene Celebration (Unreleased)

Anyone want to help me out on the personnel?

Steve Ibach sent me a live cd a few months back and I'm finally getting around to posting it. The Soulsations were around for quite awhile if I recall correctly. Anyone want to write a band history because I'm sure not qualified to do it. These recordings must be from '89 or later because I hear them reference the Cherry Poppin' Daddies at one point. Sorry, don't have any song titles.

The Soulsations - Live at Taylor's and the Eugene Celebration

14 Live Tracks!


Solid Citizens - Live at the Oregon Repertory Theater, Aug 12,1981 (Unreleased)

Dave Lange - Drums
Phil Morgan - Bass
Mark McGranagan - Guitar
Godfrey Daniels - Vocals/Horns
Michael Billings - Guitar/Vocals 
Written by Michael Billings
Arranged by Solid Citizens

This is a live recording that Michael Billings was kind enough to send my way. I believe this is the group's original lineup? Michael didn't include the titles of any of the tracks so if you happen to have an exceptional memory, please send me a track listing. I'm not sure that any studio recordings exist so this is probably as good as it gets, enjoy!

Solid Citizens - Live at the Oregon Repertory Theater, Aug 12,1981

13 Live Tracks!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sow Belly - Self-Titled (Cassette Only, 1990)

Joe Baxley - Drums/Vocals
Chris Baxley - Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Mike Brilowski - Guitar/Vocals
Sean McDonald - Alto Sax/Flute/Vocals

I don't remember if I ever saw Sow Belly or not, wasn't going to as many shows during this period. I do remember owning this tape but it disappeared many moves ago so I'm indebted to Robert Shepard for sending it my way. The band released a cd collecting recordings from different periods a couple of years ago, if you dig this tape be cool and go buy the cd here.

Sow Belly - Self-Titled (1990)

1. Thinker's Crawl
2. Barnacle Breath
3. Nowhere To Hide
4. Baby's Eyeball
5. Barnburner
6. Life in the Hospital
7. Euphoria (Someone's Brain Melted)
8. Journey to Now Here
9. Spaztech Culture
10. Hysteria Ad Nausea


Mike Johnson - Waste (Dunghill, Cassette Only, 1989)

Here is Mike Johnson's solo cassette originally released in late '88 or early '89. Many of these songs would be re-recorded by Snakepit for the unreleased Eeyore album (download here), some would even be re-re-recorded and appear on Mike's solo albums years later. I'm a big fan of the lo-fi sound on this tape, including some unreleased 4-track recordings from the same period too. Big thanks to Mike for allowing me to post this, hope you all enjoy it!

Mike Johnson - Waste (Dunghill, '89)

1. Shut Your Eyes

2. Left to Say
3. Pass Away
4. Circle
5. Seperation
6. World Outside
7. Destiny
8. What No One Knows
9. Tear It Away
10. Pass By

Bonus Tracks!

11. On Track

12. Another Point
13. Find Out How
14. Waste
15. Another Time
16. Resigned
17. See Through


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Insidious Menace - Get Paid Somewhere Else (Unreleased? 1991?)

Frank Smith - bass
Dave Caram - guitar
Jeff Banker - vocals
Steve Zorn - drums

Here is everything I know about these guys courtesy of Robert Shepard:

"I don't have any cover art for this. It's just a demo. I don't know if they ever got around to making a cover or releasing anything.

These guys were probably better known for the graffiti of their logo than their music. One could see it all over town at the time. It was etched into the concrete of the bike path alongside Amazon Parkway, for example. It consisted of a circular saw blade shape with jagged edges, with a face inside grinning a mean grin.

Insidious Menace
Get Paid Somewhere Else
(circa 1990-93, I'm guessing 1991)"

Insidious Menace - Get Paid Somewhere Else

1. Pollution in Disguise
2. Hate, Bigotry and Greed
3. Choice
4. Common Enemy