Monday, August 27, 2012

Billy Jack - Double Date (Cassette Only, '92?)

Joe Brooks (RIP) - Drums
Wayne Shellabarger - Bass, Vocals
Dave Nagle - Guitar, Vocals

Apologies to all for the unbelievable oversight, I've never posted this one before! The second and last Billy Jack cassette only release! Recorded in '92? I'm going to rely on Wayne & Dave to email me hilarious stories about this recording which I'll then paste into the post. Hopefully we can at least get the word on whether the band hates Steve Nordby to this day or if it was just limited to both their cassette releases.

Billy Jack - Double Date (Cassette Only, '92?)

1. The River
2. No One Gets in the Way
3. Sit on a Lipstick
4. Origami Cowboy Hat
5. Take a Number
6. Ten to Ten
7. Wiggly World 
8. Come On in My Kitchen


Pearl Divers - Capricorn 7" & S/T Double 7" (1992)

Pete Weinberger - Guitar
Gayle Truax - Vocals
George Khier - Vocals & Guitar
Brett Morse - Bass
Tim Erickson - Drums
Richard Schminke - Organ & Vocals

The Pearl Divers were around for a couple of years in the early 90's. Most of the members were in other bands at the time too, The Falling Spikes, The Electric Flies, Surf Trio, The Black Dahlias and The Undertakers to name a few. I thought of them as a 60's garage pop band but some or all of them may resent that description and I fully expect some or all of them to yell at me in the comments section or on the Panic on 13th facebook page. They used to practice across the street from my apartment at George's place and I hear the practices were quite a lot of fun. Here is their self-titled double 7" debut:

The Pearl Divers - S/T double 7" (1992)

1. Love on the Ground
2. Evil Hearted You
3. Window Shopping
4. I'm Leaving


A couple of personnel changes later and a second single came out. Think this one was '92 as well but I don't know for sure. Hey Gayle, how about a band history? I'll add it to the post if you'd care to type it up!

The Pearl Divers - Capricorn 7" (1992?)

1. Capricorn
2. Western World