Friday, September 29, 2017

The Milkmen - 1982 - 1984 (CD, Ran-Dee Recordings)

The Milkmen reunited and played their first show in 30 years a few months back. I wasn't old enough to go see them during their original run.  I did not make it to the reunion show, lived too far away at the time, and failed to ask anyone to shoot video. Did anyone shoot video of the show? I have video of them playing a song on a cable access show somewhere, will dig that up and add it to this post at some point.  Henry Cooper sent me the CD represented here, not sure if it was an official release of just handed out to friends but here are 20 tracks by The Milkmen, enjoy!  

The Milkmen - 1982 - 1984

Friday, June 30, 2017

Marble Orchard - Savage Sleep (CD, 1991)

Ron Kleim - Guitar/Vocals
Jason Breeton - Bass
Steve Frothingham - Drums
Pete Weingerger - Guitar

Marble Orchard should have made an appearance on this blog years ago so better late than never. Always loved Marble Orchard and I saw them a bunch of times. Hope you got to as well!

Marble Orchard - Savage Sleep (1991)

1. Intro
2. Please Come Down
3. Love's Just Begun
4. How Much You Cry
5. Sickness
6. Can't Be Myself
7. Girl With No Name
8. You're Never Gonna Hold Me
9. Never Existed
10. You Don't Have to Cry
11. Lucifer Sam Interstellar Overdrive

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cargo Cult - Live (Unreleased, 1984?)

Al Larson - Bass
Gary Schartz - Guitar
Scott Levy - Drums
Jacob Smith - Guitar

I never got to see Cargo Cult as I was a teenager stranded in Junction City without a car. That changed in 1985 but I think this was from 1984? Anyway big thanks to Scott for "The First Gig" Gary for the pictures and Steve Nordby for the other show.

Cargo Cult - The First Gig

1. My Moms a Nuclear Bomb
2. Between Songs
3. Not Last Night, But the Night Before
4. Between Songs
5. I'm Waiting
6. Between Songs
7. Sad Sounds
8. Between Songs
9. 1000 Years
10. Under the Fence
11. End of the Party
12. Underage and Holding


Cargo Cult - Live, 5/26/1984

1. Under the Fence
2. E.T. Rap
3. Not Last Nite
4. 1000 Years
5. Dying to Death
6. I'm Waiting
7. Insanely Sane
8. Courage


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Johnson Unit - Live, January 1985 (Unreleased)

John O'Neil - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Nordby - Bass/Vocals
Robert Christie (RIP) - Drums/Vocals

I think Steve gave me this a long time ago but I can't remember. This set is from January 1985, I believe this was shortly before the release of the Poor Get Poorer tape. For more Johnson Unit, go here. The songs in this set came to me in alphabetical order, no idea how the set was actually put together.

Johnson Unit - Live, January 1985

1. 100 Years Too Late
2. Another Journey By Bus
3. Chemistry
4. End of the Story
6. Instant
7. Old Wounds
8. Pneumatic Nightmare
9. Reproduction
10. Self Destruction


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Billy Jack - Wrestling With the Bald-Headed Champ (CD, Space Age Bachelor Pad, 1995)

Bruno Bersani - Vocals
Joe Brooks (R.I.P.) - Drums
Dan McClure - Guitar
Dave Nagle - Guitar
Wayne Shellabarger - Bass

This one is so overdue that I'm going to pretend I thought I'd already posted it. This was the final release for Billy Jack and the only one featuring this lineup. Billy Jack continued to revolve personnel and eventually accomplished a full Wall of Voodoo in that the last version of the band featured zero original members! I love this band and Shotgun - I Love You and Chet's Lament may be Bruno's greatest love songs.

Billy Jack - Wrestling the Bald-Headed Champ (1995)
1. Bye Bye Baby Jesus
2. Chet's Lament
3. Open Letter to the President
4. The Ballad of Pig Boy
5. Lucy
6. Stupid Questions
7. Beige Balloon
8. Pretty Girls
9. Shotgun - I Love You
10. Fatty
11. Cesare
12. Lottare Contro il Campione Calvo
13. Crystal Up My Butt

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Birdie Jo - Transient Knows the System (Cassette Only, 1995)

Michael - Drums
Pedro - Bass/Vocals
Scott Kirkpatrick - Guitar

I've been sitting on this one for a long time, sorry Scott! I did such a bad job with track increments on this one you'd have to go all the way back to my Three Pigs post to find a worse job. I never saw Birdie Jo, may have been just after my Eugene days. Hopefully a bandmember wants to chime in with some colorful stories, I don't have any!