Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Batcows (1988-1989)

Patrick Yonally - Guitar/Vocals
Brent Karnes - Bass/Vocals
Erinn Fralich - Drums
Joe McCargar - Guitar/Vocals

The Batcows were around in the late 80's for a little over a year, they relocated to Eugene from Grants Pass when the entire band enrolled at the U of O. My first not-so-great band The Exploding Cats used to play regularly with these guys at house parties all over campus. I recorded this demo on a 4-track in the living room of Patrick's apartment. I think it sounds pretty good considering that towards the end Joe was so drunk we had to lean him against a wall to play his parts.  Favorite part was that Patrick had wired headphones into a football helmet and the vocals were all performed with that on. I think this is all that has survived, there were a few additional songs recorded but the master is long gone. The tape was eventually released by Patrick about a year after the band broke up but I don't have the cover art. Patrick?

The Batcows - F is for Fred (1989)

1. No Fun Tonight
2. Hell
3. Do You Ever Wonder Why?
4. You're Almost More Important
5. Green Felt
6. Everywhere I Go
7. Options
8. Life, Death or Whatever
9. You Don't Understand
10. So What
11. Purport Animation


Live in Grants Pass (1988)

1. Intro
2. Life, Rain and the Terrible Thing
3. Intro
4. Peace of Mind
5. I Love You
6. Hell
7. Strange Days
8. Tonight