Monday, July 29, 2013

Carrion Commandos (1983-1986)

V'sar 23 - Vocals
Breo Nebraska - Drums
Ziggy Fasternation - Bass
DMT - Guitar
Mott Madanav - Keyboards?

This must be the strangest of the Eugene tapes I own. In the past, I've described the Carrion Commandos as a band one might listen to while committing homicide. Creepy stuff, this was originally released in 1983 and I'm told the original packaging included a few strands of band members' pubic hair. I bought my copy off a punk rock guy named Tom who happened to have the tape with him when the subject came up. Thankfully, the copy I bought didn't include everything the tape originally came with. Lead singer Vsar 23 used to live in the basement apartment of the house I lived in while I went to college. Once, my downstairs neighbor went down to the basement to complain about the noise level and Vsar growled at her like a dog until she freaked out and left. I guess that sort of mindset explains much of what is going on here although nothing could explain the combination of drugs they must have been on to think doing a parody of I Eat Cannibal was a good idea.


1. I Must Kill
2. Everybody's Gonna Die Tonight
3. Dawn of Nothing
4. Drooling Idiot
5. I Dump In My Sleep
6. The Boob Song
7. A.N.U.S.
8. Green Piss
9. The Day My Dick Broke Off
10. Free Hunky Dunky
11. Under the Bed
12. Maggots
13. Two Bobs West
14. Money
15. I Eat Carrion
16. Dawn Polka Patrol
17. Die Die Die

Download includes entire booklet that came with original cassette!



No idea when these were recorded or who was in the band at this point. Thanks to Robert Shepard for sending these my way though.

1. Frog Wars
2. Unknown Title
3. Unknown Title
4. Unknown Title


Same as above, thanks again to Robert!

1. Intro
2. It's Raining Meat
3. Joe's Blob
5. Zero Hour
7. Noirrac Sodnammac
8. Self-Regulation II 
9. Three Dances
10. Treated Like Shit
11. Uruk (Cities of Iron & Fire)


Again, no idea on the year or the personnel but thank you to Patrick Neve for the recordings!

1. The Growler
2. Louie Louise
3. This is a Very Funky Sing - This is Shit
4. Ay Ay Ay Ay
5. Dawn Patrol Polka (several takes)
6. I Must Kill (rehearsal)
7. Joined at the Head
8. Six Fingers
9. Bed
10. Other Music
11. Die Die Die (several takes)
12. Granny Had an Abcess
13. Die Die Die
14. Die Die Die (falsetto)
15. Gimme Gimme Gimme
16. Ah Stinks
17. Gonna Make a Scene
18. Two Bobs West
19. Mother That's DIRT You're Eating
20. Death on My Breath
21. Bed (reprise)
22. Cop in Front of My House
23. Dead Meat
24. Running Naked to New Jersey
25. ___
26. Tiny Man From Georgia
27. I Don't Like Vegetables
28. It Gets Very Lonely Out Here
29. Hot Rod America
30. ____ (2)
31. The Future is Breathing Down Your Neck
32. The Future is Like, Nothing


More from Patrick Neve!

1. It's Raining Meat
2. Joe's Blob
4. Zero Hour

Monday, July 8, 2013

None If Any (198?-198?)

Cam Hauck (R.I.P.)

I never saw this band but remember hearing their name and seeing flyers around town. Mid-80's? All photos and the demo are once again courtesy of Erich Boekelheide, guess I'll have to try to get more info on the band out of him, there may be video! Not sure if the demos below were ever officially released. Anyone with more information please speak up!

None If Any

1. Toothless Girl
2. Beat My Kitty
3. Laundry For Fun
4. Surf Kill
5. Wrong Rhumba