Monday, August 27, 2012

Billy Jack - Double Date (Cassette Only, '92?)

Joe Brooks (RIP) - Drums
Wayne Shellabarger - Bass, Vocals
Dave Nagle - Guitar, Vocals

Apologies to all for the unbelievable oversight, I've never posted this one before! The second and last Billy Jack cassette only release! Recorded in '92? I'm going to rely on Wayne & Dave to email me hilarious stories about this recording which I'll then paste into the post. Hopefully we can at least get the word on whether the band hates Steve Nordby to this day or if it was just limited to both their cassette releases.

Billy Jack - Double Date (Cassette Only, '92?)

1. The River
2. No One Gets in the Way
3. Sit on a Lipstick
4. Origami Cowboy Hat
5. Take a Number
6. Ten to Ten
7. Wiggly World 
8. Come On in My Kitchen



  1. I just want Wayne to explain why Steve Nordby got a big ol' "Fuck You" in the liner notes.

  2. I believe Steve got the big "F You!" from Billy Jack on both of their cassettes due to somehow convincing Gary at HOR that the practice space in the back of the store was a fire hazard at which point it was torn down.