Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Runtmeyer - Unreleased Demo (1992)

Brooks Masten - Bass
Raenie Kane - Drums
Paul Anson - Guitar
Denise Christie (Hall) (RIP) - Vocals

Runtmeyer were around for a brief period in '92-'93. I don't know anything about the band's history other than Denise left at some point and Debbie Nesbitt became the new singer for awhile. I saw them only once at Max's. I stood too close to the stage and it was so loud my knees actually buckled, one of the very few times that ever happened to me. I remember Raenie telling me that Ed Hutton was the engineer on this tape and that he chose to record "the drums first." I think she meant that that was not a good way to do things but this demo sounds pretty good to me. The only tracks that were ever actually released are #14. Apple Juice on the Pollen Count cassette compilation and #01 on the Slaughter on 13th cassette compilation. Very willing to add more info to this post if anyone wants to share band history, photos etc. Anyone have anything to add?

Runtmeyer - Unreleased Demo

1. Grip
2. Lick the Wound
3. Apple Juice
4. Brown Paper Bag
5. Losing Battle
6. Another Day
7. Eat Apples
8. I Love You
9. You Don't Understand
10. Angela
11. Living in the City
12. Invisible
13. There's No Difference
14. Apple Juice (Pollen Count version)


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