Thursday, August 1, 2013

Clear My Name (1986-1988?)

Alexandra Mattia - Vocals
Scott McLean - Drums
Jeff Langston - Bass
Casey Scholz - Guitar

As you may have guessed from the personnel listed above, Clear My Name is a foggy memory for me (personnel corrected, thanks to Tim Arnold). I used to crash U of O parties in the mid-80's to see them which must have really been appreciated by the college kids since I was about 15 at the time. John O'Neil made me a tape of this unreleased material back in '87 or so. Dunghill was going to release a Clear My Name tape but it fell through and the only track to ever officially see the light of day was Glass Jar on the Positively 13th St. comp. Additional recordings exist but so far the Panic on 13th blog and Scott McLean legal teams have been unable to reach an agreement on whether or not that material should ever surface. Hopefully more soon!

Clear My Name - Unreleased Demo (1987?)

01. Unknown Title
02. In the Child's Eyes
03. Unknown Title
04. These Boots Are Made For Walking
05. Unknown Title
06. White Rabbit
07. Unknown Title
08. Mr. Microphone
09. Unknown Title
10. Nicaragua
11. Glass Jar