Friday, September 29, 2017

The Milkmen - 1982 - 1984 (CD, Ran-Dee Recordings)

The Milkmen reunited and played their first show in 30 years a few months back. I wasn't old enough to go see them during their original run.  I did not make it to the reunion show, lived too far away at the time, and failed to ask anyone to shoot video. Did anyone shoot video of the show? I have video of them playing a song on a cable access show somewhere, will dig that up and add it to this post at some point.  Henry Cooper sent me the CD represented here, not sure if it was an official release of just handed out to friends but here are 20 tracks by The Milkmen, enjoy!  

The Milkmen - 1982 - 1984


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  2. Thx for sharing! I know good samples to these tracks,i share with u -

  3. Thanks for this, I enjoy finding obscure local bands.

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