Thursday, April 9, 2020

Cheezy Trollz - We Dined For Your Sins (CD, 2005 Obscurica)

Damon Votour - Everything Audible?

Ripping off the notes from which seems only fair as they've lifted dozens of pictures from this blog. Although this was recorded in Portland, I believe Cheezy Trollz got their start in Eugene so I say it qualifies.

"The CD you're listening to is the result of bored kids living in Oregon. The weather was bad and there was nothing to do. But there was cheap beer and LSD was plentiful. What you hear is the sound of soggy clothes, bad acid, and PBR. It was recorded on a 4-track in southeast Portland between 1992 and 2000 and mixed in San Francisco in 2003 off 2nd and third generation tapes so the sound quality is poor at times, but hey so are we. If you want something slick, generic, and commercial, you can always buy a Fugazi or Sleater-Kinney release. This Cheezy Trollz release is limited to 250 copies and won't be released in this fashion again. Great care has been given to assure that all 250 packages are different hand-colored and numbered - all filled with different stuff, most of it found on the street. The one cosistency is all CD's will have screen printed canvas covers, come in a plastic bag with a box of macaroni and cheeze, a condom, a spork, a breath mint, and a little pamphlet with cartoons and lyrics. Like the one you are reading right now, Jackass. Bon Appetite. And remember... WE DINED FOR YOUR SINS."

Limited Edition of 250 hand-numbered copies. (Good luck finding one!)
Packaged in a ziploc bag with a 32 page comic book and other assorted items such as photos, macaroni and cheese, and stuff found on the ground.


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