Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mind Garage - S/T Demo (Cassette Only, 1987)

Greg Babich - Guitar
Rich Babich - Vocals
Vince Rivera - Bass
Aaron Temple - Drums
Doug Wilkerson - Drums

This 4-song tape and a couple of tracks on comp. cassettes are all that Mind Garage ever released. The band was around from '85 - '87 and played live very rarely if ever from what I recall. The only time I saw them was at a show in their practice space, there were maybe 8 or ten of us there. When the band finished they rushed us all out of the basement they practiced in, it was later explained that the people who lived in the house "would be home soon" meaning that none of us were supposed to be there. The band was Greg & Rich Babich (guitar and vocals), Vince Rivera (bass), Aaron Temple (drums) and later Doug Wilkerson (drums).

I have a few more tracks than were released, the first 7 are recorded in a studio, the last 7 are 4-track demos. There was certainly more recorded than this, anyone have additional material? By the way, song titles are all guesses other than the first four, eight and twelve.

Mind Garage (Cassette Only, 1987)

1. Show-n-Tell
2. Loser
3. Ghosttown
4. Lover's Day
5. Be My Friend
6. Got It Made
7. Dangerous
8. Long Ways Gone
9. Must I Live Without You?
10. Something
11. What Would Come Next?
12. Witching Hour
13. Eye on You
14. Important


  1. I believe it was the Summer of '87. As the sound-man and booking agent for 'Modern Laundry', I had booked a show at a Fraternity house on the South side of 15th St. just East of Alder St. a few weeks prior to show day. We showed up at the house a few hours before showtime with 2 van-loads of gear, 3 kegs and a volunteer crew. We were told that the young fellow who had authorized the use of their house had been kicked out and we weren't welcome. I walked across the street to another Fraternity house and knocked on the door. "Hello, I have 2 bands, 3 kegs, and about 250 people showing up in about 2 hours, do you guys want to have a party?". After about 30 seconds of "debate", the answer was a resounding YES! 'Mind Garage' opened for 'Modern Laundry' that evening. The show was a great success and we did a proper job of trashing their house. Those were the days!
    Brian Nash

  2. I was there! That really was a fun night1

  3. Greg and Richard's next project was DELTA PONDS (great name, they were always good at names!). Mike Akers on Bass and a poor kid named Taz on drums. Six songs they recorded in a studio. It's very good stuff as they move into their own "sound" and out of the shadow of their experiments to sound like David Sylvain and Gene Love Jezabel.