Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boogie Patrol Express - Preparation X (Cassette Only, '92)

Great tape from a bunch of kids who were musically skilled well beyond their years. Don't know most of the band members' last names or I'd list them, guess the cover art will do. Interviewed them once for a paper or fanzine that I don't remember the name of, don't recall much other than the girl singer was a little snotty but they were teenagers so I guess 1 out of 8 is pretty good for a snotty ratio. They later released a full-length cd that I don't have and have been unable to find a copy of. Anyone?

Boogie Patrol Express - Preparation X (Cassette Only, 1992)

1. Transendental Overdrive
2. Better Than You Don't Know
3. Look at Me
4. Cross-Dressing Can Be a Drag.


  1. I've been looking for this forever, but was pretty bummed when it wouldn't play as mp3s (either version).

    More of their info over here:

  2. Not sure what to tell you Kalon, I just downloaded from the link to check it and all tracks play fine. I'm on an iMac using iTunes, not sure what program you're using but iTunes is available for PC too if you want to give that a try. If all else fails you could email me at and I can send you the mp3's directly.

  3. Just picked up this tape in mint condition. Not bad!