Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blind Lemon Pledge - Leftover Lemons (Cassette Only)

Dave Nagel - Drums
Tom Heinl - Vocals
Dan Powel - Sax
Eugene Saunders - Guitar
Ben Beebe (RIP) - Bass

Here is the second and final cassette release from Blind Lemon Pledge. Not sure whether this one was ever officially released or just passed amongst friends. I got it from Wayne Shellabarger so thanks Wayne! Also included on this download are two tracks that were intended to be the band's first single. Enjoy more music to drink to!

Blind Lemon Pledge - Leftover Lemons ('92)

01 - Doctor
02 - Taco Spice
03 - Pour Me a Drink
04 - Jello Salad
05 - The Prison Song (alternate version in G)
06 - Tennessee Waltz 
07 - The Supermarket Song (alternate)
08 - As Time Goes By
09 - One Man Band
10 - The Girl From Ipanema (re-mastered)

bonus tracks!

11 - Chapped Lips
12 - Car Square Dance


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