Sunday, January 13, 2013

Three Pigs - S/T (Cassette Only, 1991)

Eugene Saunders - Guitar
Ben Beebee (RIP) - Bass/Vocals
Rachel Blumberg - Drums/Vocals

Three Pigs were one of about a zillion projects the three band members were involved with during their time at the University of Oregon. Some jazz influence, some Firehose, some Vomit Launch (hearing sweet voiced Rachel sing Vomit Launch's "Swelling Admiration" is a personal favorite, so wrong but so right!). Don't know much about the history of the band, think Eugene was also in the Black Dahlias when this was recorded, Ben & Rachel were also in Otto. This tape has the distinction of being (by-far) the most difficult to transfer to the digital realm due to there being no time at all between tracks so sorry in advance if the track increments are a little sloppier than you're used to. The tape was engineered by Patrick Yonally who you may remember from The Batcows, The Davenports, if, The Black Dahlias, The Undertakers, Otto, Flypaper or Sugarking. There are probably a couple I'm forgetting too, Patrick was a very busy guy!

Three Pigs - S/T (1991)

1. None of the Above
2. Roadside Geography
3. Reflections
4. Not You
5. Fur Lined Roof
6. Wet Morning
7. Que La Gente Quiere
8. Consumer Tune
9. #1 Hit Song
10. Swelling Admiration
11. Mystery Train
12. Equinox
13. Sesame St. Jazz


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