Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fieldburn (CD compilation, Pro-Arts 1993)

This compilation was released on cd in 1993 by Pro-Arts studios. It features tracks recorded by various bands at that studio. Friend of the blog Ron Kleim co-produced this thing and it features a couple of his bands.

Fieldburn (1993)

1. No Name - Oswald Five-O
2. World on Fire - Marble Orchard
3. Get Down - The Flapjacks
4. Western World - The Pearl Divers
5. Little Black Dot - The Whirlees
6. River In Your Mind - Marble Orchard
7. Tinted Windows - D.C. Beggars
8. Spitworm - Two Minutes Hate
9. Boppin' After Work - The Flapjacks
10. My Way - Oswald Five-O
11. Love on the Ground - The Pearl Divers
12. Going Somewhere - Marble Orchard
13. Re-Explore Your Mind - The Undertakers
14. Pegleg - The Whirlees
15. Amy - Flypaper
16. Get Stoned - The Electric Flies
17. Be - D.C. Beggars
18. Bad Dead - Two Minutes Hate
19. Proximity Fuse - The Detonators
20. Devil's Churn - The Electric Flies
21. Mine All Mine - The Undertakers
22. Act Your Rage - The Detonators
23. Igloo - Flypaper


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  1. Ah yes, the way -underrated "Fieldburn: CD
    "Field burning" was something they used to do to clear the grass seed fields north of Eugene if you were wondering about the name.
    This is a great comp IMO; I personally asked most of the bands here to be recorded free at Pro-Arts.
    Tony and I spent a lot of time doing re-mixes on this project.
    Tony Proveaux still runs a fine studio down in Eugene; look him up and go make your own CD!
    Ron Kleim