Monday, July 8, 2013

None If Any (198?-198?)

Cam Hauck (R.I.P.)

I never saw this band but remember hearing their name and seeing flyers around town. Mid-80's? All photos and the demo are once again courtesy of Erich Boekelheide, guess I'll have to try to get more info on the band out of him, there may be video! Not sure if the demos below were ever officially released. Anyone with more information please speak up!

None If Any

1. Toothless Girl
2. Beat My Kitty
3. Laundry For Fun
4. Surf Kill
5. Wrong Rhumba




  1. My friend Matt Ostrow, bass player with me in The Porcupines, may have recorded this demo. I remember being in the room with Cam when she was singing Toothless Girl. I don't know if it was during recording or if she was just over for the hell of it… Wow. This is a blast from the past!

  2. And now something else has come back to me! Bob Hauck, must be Cam's husband, played drums on some demos of mine that I have from back then! I need to dig up some cassettes and do some digitizing!