Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Headhunters (1983-85)

Matt Griffin - bass
Dave Flanagan - drums
Paul Chandler - guitar
Nelson de Sae Silva - guitar/vocals

I never saw the Headhunters but they are the first local band I ever remember hearing on KRVM. "Anorexia" was something of a local hit I suppose. I don't think any of the recordings below were ever released but as always, feel free to correct me.

From the Panic on 13th Yahoo group (Joe Lewis?):

"Started as a punkabilly trio composed of Coos Bay transplants, opened for Los Falcons added Nelson and went poppy. Played The Vatican, beer gardens, Max's etc.  Recorded "Anorexia"; and others (played on KRVM-good review in The Rocket in '84)  Went to Austin in summer '85 -played Liberty Lunch and opened for The Hickoids and Wild Seeds."

From Robert Shepard who was kind enough to supply the recordings here:

"A member of drummer Flanagan's family owned a really nice recording studio in the woods upriver a few miles from Coos Bay, on the west fork of the Millicoma, called Tioga Recording Studio. This was recorded and mixed there."

Headhunters (Untitled Tioga Studio tape, 1985)
1. Anorexia
2. Push and Shove
3. The Horrible Color
4. Printed Blue
5. Walk in Light
6. The Point Is
7. Celsius
8. Jet Plane


Headhunters (Texas Tape, 1985)
1. What We've Done Here
2. Borneo
3. Cut from Stone
4. Walk in Light
5. Jet Plane
6. Heights Baptist



  1. The Godbone demo was also recorded at Tioga.

  2. I have been searching the internet for around 16 years for 'Anorexia'. I AM ECSTATIC!! About 12 years ago, I found my friend, the dj that played it on KRVM, and asked him the name of the band. Since then, I would get on a kick a few times a year and search. Of course, other bands came up, but never them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Hi M.L.,

    Thank you for the kind words, responses like this are exactly why I started this thing. My own search for a copy of Anorexia took from 1985-1998 when my friend Adam who played in a band with the Chandlers for a brief bit lent me a VHS with some of the Chandler brothers old stuff recorded on it. Was obsessed with that song from the moment I heard it on KRVM, I don't think it was ever officially released anywhere. The Headhunters were the first local band I heard on KRVM.

  4. Yes, I wrote that blurb for the yahoo blog. I remember that show at The Vatican, it was 1984 I think. Pretty sure Moose Lodge also played that show but maybe not. Me and the drummer were also in the Bel AIrs -paul