Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crawdads of Pure Love (1990?)

Chip Cohen - Bass, Fiddle, Vocals
Dave Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Ken Sokolov - Drums, Percussion
Chuck White - Guitar, Vocals

Never saw these guys although I do recall seeing their posters around town. This is another one that comes to us courtesy of Erich Boekelheide. Don't know too much about them, anyone? Not sure whether or not this was their only release. Anyone have any flyers?

Electric (1990, Cassette Only)

1. Trouble

2. The Bus Song
3. Slow Suicide
4. 5 O'Clock Cat in 6
5. Long Overdue Goodbye



  1. Recorded at roger Briands song tree studio we also did an acoustic tape with Dan "dr D"Maddox on gutbucket and bones and I played banjos and mandolin. We could be a bluegrass/ jug and to psychedelic swamp rock depending on the gig. The band formed at seattle folklife in th 80s with accordionist Frank Ruffalo, Mark French, Walter Creiderman and Lowell Mitchell so I'm told. Thus band came later and included bassist Shawn DeCoster RIP. We one performed with Holy Modal Rounder Steve Weber at the wow hall with opening mule Abagail the roller skating mule for real. We alienated many hippies even more that night. We recorded at Mike Swansons in Portland under psychedelic circumstances and it was pretty awesome if I can find the tape but it is probably deteriorated and will be found in the distant future by aliens with tiny heads and I pods for hands. It was fun and we had many insane gigs once backing up Ferlin Husky in coos bay to a handful of people. Coing to see Johnny Paycheck who was snowed in Vegas yes snowed in we know what kind of snow. Ferlin with his white pompadour and matching tux exclaimed on stage " these guys are better than I thought they'd be!" We bought his tape in a trucks too on the way to the gig and learned some of his hits while we took bong hits. We performed with the Kesey merry pranksters a little bit which was playing Gloria in the back of a truck at the eugene celebration parade and a few things . It was a fun time, quite wholesome other than the coke, acid and copious amounts of alcohol. We where faux arch enemies with the sugarbeats but patchouli soaked hippies danced to us so we broke up.

  2. Dave Hicks plays with Llorona, Chuck moved to Montana or some shit, chip and I play with the Texastoasters and Klezmonauts. I play in BeatCrunchers, Kef and Chibuku. Come see us when you get a chance. Peaceout