Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adickdid (1991-1995)

Kaia Wilson - Guitar/Vocals
Sara Shelton Bellum - Bass
 Nalini Deedee Cheriel - Drums

I first heard of Adickdid when I was talking to Robert Christie about the Pollen Count comp. I asked him if he'd heard it and he said "only the Adickdid track, I just play that one over and over" The band would later appear on my own cassette comp. Slaughter on 13th St. I never got to see them play, living outside of Eugene for most of the group's existence but the recordings certainly made an impression. Kaia would go on to release solo albums and play in Team Dresch and The Butchies. Deedee also played in Juned, The Teenangels and The Hindi Guns. Sara later played in Bella Low. Someone really should write in with a full history of the band or I guess I could stop being so lazy and just email them some questions. Anyway...

All-American Girl b/w Columbus (Imp Records, 1993)

The first single was released in 1993. The band had recorded a few tracks, I think with Mike Lastra at Smegma in Portland. Two of those tracks became this single, another one ended up on the Slaughter on 13th cassette-only comp, all the others are unreleased until now. Thank you to the band for allowing me to post them here. All tracks sourced from a cassette Sara gave me 22 years ago, man time flies!

Adickdid - The Imp Demos & More

1. All-American Girl (originally appeared on Imp single)
2. Columbus (originally appeared on Imp single)
3. Jenny Said
4. I Will Not Take That
5. I Can Only Dream
6. Straight White Christian Boy
7. Falling (originally appeared on Slaughter on 13th cassette comp.)
8. All-American Girl (demo) - (originally appeared on Pollen Count cassette comp)
9. Ask Nicely (Live) (originally appeared on The Sound Guy is Deaf & Drunk cassette comp)


Adickdid - Live at the McKenzie Theater - No on 9 Benefit

Download of video coming soon

You Tube link coming soon

Adickdid (1994)

I think this came out in '94 although it might've been '93. I remember the cd came in a paper sleeve, the picture above is the LP cover. Not much to say here, this one is a Eugene classic.

Adickdid (Imp Records & G Records)

1.She's Dangerous
2. Eye Level
3. Telephone
4. Song No. 2
5. Hey Sister
6. Mailbox
7. Ask Nicely
8. Stare Right Past You
9. Bugs in Nevada
10. All-American Girl
11. A Dick Did




  1. An Adickdid/Star Pimp concert and it didn't turn the universe into a supernova of awesome?!?!

    BTW, the download links don't work.

  2. I'm working on their wikipedia page and could use any links or documentation so their wiki page doesn't get deleted!!!