Monday, April 28, 2014

Chuck Clearwater

Chuck Clearwater (RIP)

I didn't know Chuck Clearwater, he played music in Eugene a couple of years before I started buying and going to see local bands. I assume he moved out of Eugene by 1985 otherwise I would probably have bought something he played on at Earth River or House of Records. I first heard him play in 1983 when I heard The Drills on KLCC's Modern Mono. I've heard that The Drills released a couple of tapes but I've never been able to find anyone that has copies and Facebook messages to the band's former singer have never been replied to. In addition to The Drills, Chuck was also in J. Gallows & the Executioners, Punishment Farm and probably a few more that I don't know about. I had no idea he'd ever released solo cassettes until a kind soul emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in copies. Based on these tapes a strong case can be made for Chuck being one of the best musicians to ever play in Eugene. He seemed to play damn near everything and did it all well. I wish I could have met and known him. 

Beizolded (1983)

2. Theme Song for a New LP
3. I'm Not Special
4. Rock Kids
5. Negligent Homicide
6. Time Without Minutes
7. Love Letters
8. Procrastination
9. What Does It Mean
10. Ballad of Poor Luke & Ralph
11. Tonight
12. Broken Guitar & Pencil
13. Dilemna
14. Falling Rain
15. Oh My Brothers
16. Everyone's the Same
17. Kryssy Blue
18. Real Life (Nov. 29, 1979)
19. Bodies in the Water
20. Going Home Tonight


Actual Sounds (1984)

1. Time
2. Invisible Man
3. Can't Give
4. Stuck Inside
5. Rock Music
6. Tonight
7. Black Rain
8. Actual Sounds
9. Beizoldeo
10. Three Words



  1. ohmygod, I miss him. I was too old for his music, but he was a wonderful kid. AH

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    Chuck with Punishment Farm

  5. this is GENIUS - John O'Neil was always saying what a talented drummer CC was - had no idea he made these tapes - thanks for posting Jeff!

  6. something I noticed - the ACTUAL SOUNDS drums were engineered by DREW CANULETTE - years before he produced Soundgarden, Hitting Birth, Dharma Bums etc

  7. also found these:

    video with CC playing bass for SISSY (?):

    flickr photo album:

  8. I was married to chucks first love Krystalla Merrill for 23 years. I know she truly loved him. I'm sorry to say she passed away on February 23 2016. I'm listening to ziggy stardust

  9. Chuck was at the center of it all. He had amazing musical talent, he was also one of the funniest guys to roll out of SEHS. When Chuck left Eugene he spent much of the 80's in NYC, managing his project studio. He was the drummer for the reunited Richard Hell & the Voidoids tour and more. Look at his co-band member, Trey Gunn's resume for a glint of the promise that Chuck possessed. I'm sad to read here about Krystalla and I'm sorry for your loss, Anthony. Thanks again for aggregating all of this audio and content from those years.