Wednesday, May 6, 2015

George Lane - The Snoozefest (Unreleased, 1989)

Greg Sutherland - Vocals
John O'Neil - Drums, Guitar
Mike Johnson - Drums, Guitar
Adam Glogauer - Drums
Christopher Cook - ??
Steve Nordby - Bass?

Another in the seemingly endless number of Eugene recordings that went unreleased at least as far as I know. I think Greg Sutherland was the driving force behind the band. I believe they played live a few times and that Steve Nordby engineered the tape. You now know as much as I do and the list of personnel listed above is guesswork and almost surely incomplete. Enjoy the Snoozefest!

George Lane - The Snoozefest (Unreleased, 1989)
1. The Penney
2. Dream Association
3. Rest Stop
4. Rooted
5. Long Distance
6. The Turn
7. Her Keys Pt. 1
8. Her Keys Pt. 2
9. Ruben
10. Bushed
11. Together
12. Postcard
13. Circle
14. Keep Your Hands Out of My Suitcase
15. Searching For a Five
16. The Breather
17. Overdrive
18. Hard-Boiled
19. Unsettled
20. Instrumental
21. Long Distance



  1. I played with Greg Sutherland in Bigg Katt. Great songwriter/singer, funny guy. I think I have a live board recording of our one and only gig at Max's. One of the songs from that show was on an E 13th comp.

  2. My stint on bass with George Lane was a real education. One WOW Hall performance with GL was the highlight of my Eugene musicians' residency. Wish that recording was available.