Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fire Clown "Junkie b/w Big Disease"

Adem Tepedelen - Guitar
Brian - Guitar
James - Drums
Karl - Bass
Jeff - Vocals

I know next to nothing about Fire Clown other than they rose from the ashes of God Bone and had this lone single on New Rage Records. Adem, can you help me out with history and details?

Junkie b/w Big Disease


  1. Brian Mabe, Karl Horniyk, James Halada, and Jeff Kleinsmith (to fill out some last names). James and Karl currently rock select corners of the free world as the rhythm section of Def Leprechaun and are, I believe, playing any day now in Seattle. I recommend making other plans (perhaps in an entirely different state) but nobody ever listens to me.

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  3. Sadly, James is no longer in Def Leprechaun, Tim. And Karl's last name is Hornyik.

  4. James is still in def leprechaun. We have at this point three drummers (well four if you count Greg). Once a Lep, always a Lep.

  5. And sadly, Karl's last name is Hornyik.

  6. And sadly, Karl's last name is Hornyik.

  7. Jeff Kleinsmith-vocals
    Karl Hornyik-bass
    Adem Tepedelen-guitar
    James Halada-drums
    This was the lineup that formed in and played in Eugene. However, when we moved to Seattle in 1990, we added another former Eugenian, guitarist Brian Mabe. He played on the Fireclown single. Brian had been in a previous band with James called Mary Wants To (I think). Godbone's singer, Mark Porter was also in Mary Wants To. Confusing, huh?
    Here's a basic history. Fireclown formed after Godbone broke up. Sometime in 1988. For this band, I switched from playing bass to playing guitar. I had been in a band called Funeral Party in 1986 with guitarist Jeff Kleinsmith and he wanted to try singing in this new band. I brought James along from Godbone and we got our mutual friend Karl Hornyik to play bass. Karl and Jeff went to high school together in Corvallis.
    We played a handful of shows in Eugene as a four piece and then James and I temporarily relocated to Colorado in the fall of 1989. When he and I moved back to the NW in June 1990, the band reconvened and moved to Seattle, where we asked Brian Mabe to join. We recorded four songs at Reciprocal in Seattle with Rich Hinklin, and released two of them as the Junkie single on our New Rage Records label.

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