Friday, September 30, 2016

Ken Snead (R.I.P.)

Ken Snead, who passed away in 2012, came up in a recent Facebook thread and I realized I'd never posted this compilation cd of his bands. Apparently this cd was given out at his memorial service. I don't have band names or track listings so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Ken "Animal" Snead  Memorial CD, 39 tracks


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  1. From an old band mate and friend of Ken's, Henry Winters: "Of the tracks listed, tracks 7-18 sound like they came from the sessions that produced the "Ken and the Pyschedelic Rangers" recordings. That band included Ken “Animal” Snead (Vocals), Adam Freeman (Guitar, Mike Brilowski (Guitar), Jim Crabbe (Bass)and Joe Baxley (Drums).

    I was in the band "The Innebriators" (yes, we spelled it that way) with Ken and long time collaborator of Ken's "Mental Mike" back in 1988 before I went off into the Army. That band's addition to Ken's portfolio included "We're Only In It For The Beer" (based on a Mental Mike rif) and "Meister Brau" (which was the first thing Ken and I ever worked on together). There are some songs on this list I'm not familiar with (meaning they probably came after the Innebriators, and even after the Psychedelic Rangers. Those we used to cover (which means they were from Ken's bands prior to the Innebriators included "Cheap and Easy" (written using, verbatim, the words from a breakup note from one of Ken's former girlfriends), "The Dill Song" (pretty much Ken's anthem), "The Hammer Song", "Barnyard Beauties", "Eat More @#$$y Now", "More Beer Now" (which Ken wrote with Jim Schweers). A few years after the Innebriators, Ken put together the Psychedelic Rangers, during which time the songs "Dear Santa Claus" and "LSD 25" appear to have been written. Tracks 1-6 appear to be from a band after the Psychedelic Rangers.