Friday, December 14, 2012

Sow Belly - Self-Titled (Cassette Only, 1990)

Joe Baxley - Drums/Vocals
Chris Baxley - Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Mike Brilowski - Guitar/Vocals
Sean McDonald - Alto Sax/Flute/Vocals

I don't remember if I ever saw Sow Belly or not, wasn't going to as many shows during this period. I do remember owning this tape but it disappeared many moves ago so I'm indebted to Robert Shepard for sending it my way. The band released a cd collecting recordings from different periods a couple of years ago, if you dig this tape be cool and go buy the cd here.

Sow Belly - Self-Titled (1990)

1. Thinker's Crawl
2. Barnacle Breath
3. Nowhere To Hide
4. Baby's Eyeball
5. Barnburner
6. Life in the Hospital
7. Euphoria (Someone's Brain Melted)
8. Journey to Now Here
9. Spaztech Culture
10. Hysteria Ad Nausea


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  1. I really dig this blog!
    Is there any way you can reup this album? I bought the CD a long time ago - I really like Hair of the Dog!