Monday, November 21, 2016

The Ghosts of 13th St: Killed By Apathy Vol. 3

Even later than usual, here is the third volume of our monthly series that began in July of 2015. Given the current state of things a picture of the torn down animal house seemed appropriate, not sure who originally took the picture. As usual, if you want your band off this comp, just email and your track will be promptly removed. 

The Ghosts of 13th: Killed By Apathy Vol. 3

1. Rope and Ride - The Guardians of American Morality
2. Mohawk Twist - The Jackals
3. Crystal Up My Butt - Billy Jack
4. Eraser - Oswald Five-O
5. El Mosquito - Los Mex Pistols Del Norte
6. Katie's Song - Now William
7. It's Your Life - The Crows
8. Carni Affair - Trey Gunn
9. Shaved Ape - The Venice Liberation Army
10. I Hate Punks - Edison Complex
11. Singled Out - Johnson Unit
12. Aversion Day - A Few Chairs
13. It's My Time - Marble Orchard
14. More Beer Now - The Rangers
15. I Must Kill - The Carrion Commandos


  1. Another great comp. I remember 'almost' all of these bands and shared a bill with several of them back in the day

  2. Who were the Edison Complex? The world is ready for more.

  3. Edison Complex is a top secret solo project, I was given the tape only under the condition that the artist remain anonymous. I will post the rest of the tracks though.