Thursday, January 19, 2012

bunny summer - 7" & Cassette (1991 & 1996)

Rachel Blumberg - drums, vocals
Adam Glogauer - guitar, bass, vocals
Sean Reid - guitar, vocals
Jeff Cellers - vocals

My band's only 7", recorded in 1991 and released by spinArt in 1994. We started this band during the height of the Nirvana hype thinking it'd be funny to play acoustic pop songs while opening for garage/grunge bands. Nobody agreed with us as we only managed to play live three times in the band's history and never with the same personnel. Liking Jonathan Richman too much was another reason this band came to be. Years later I would meet Jonathan with a girl I was dating at the time and spoke to him for a couple of hours. As we left, Jonathan told me it was nice to meet me, then gave his home phone number to my girlfriend and told her to call him if she was ever in the Bay Area which forever cured me of any romantic illusions I had about Jonathan and his material. Yep, fuck you Mr. Richman! I included our horrible version of the evil twin brother song "eppin'" as a bonus track. Apologies to Bryan for massacring his song.

bunny summer - the one about las vegas (7" EP, 1994)

1. the one about las vegas
2. the one about holly
3. black and white
4. crush
5. eppin' (bonus track)

We recorded the "Failure... An Instructional Tape" demo on 4-track during 1994 & '95. Never managed to reform an entire band again after Rachel moved to Portland but for some reason decided to continue recording. This tape was released in 1996 and I think we sold about 10 copies.

bunny summer - Failure... An Instructional Tape (Cassette Only, Disgraceland 1996)

1. tomorrow
2. I really don't care but tell me again anyway
3. cereal
4. Yeah, I've Heard That One Before Too
5. Old Shirt
6. Patterns
7. Borderline (bonus track)
8. Waking Up Drunk (bonus track)
9. You'll Do (bonus track)

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  1. perfect! Sean had just been talking about digging these out.