Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Crows - S/T (Cassette Only, 1988)

Derek Potts - Vocals, Percussion
Tod White - Guitar
Sean Smith - Guitar, Vocals
Bill Palmer - Bass
Julian Porter - Vocals, Percussion

The Crows existed in one form or another from '85 - '89 or so. That entire period produced just this single cassette-only release. I remember the Crows being controversial amongst other bands, mostly due to their tendency to staple their flyers right over the top of other bands' on telephone poles all over Eugene. Not sure how much truth there really was to that story, the Crows rarely played live although I heard they practiced everyday. Always liked this tape, never knew any of the band members well although I do know that Sean Smith later ended up playing in Superchrist with Doug Wilkerson from Mind Garage. Anyone who knows more about the band and it's history, please comment!

The Crows - Self-Titled (Cassette Only, 1988)

1. Boots
2. Tambourine
3. It's Your Life
4. Bombshelter Baby
5. Who She Does
6. Magnificent Air
7. Home
8. Criticism
9. So Red
10. Bleeding Hearts


  1. Actually, many Crows posters were oversize and hand painted but plenty of care was taken not to disturb the advertizing environment - The record shows that there were people with hate for the crows and Posters of Crows Performances tended to disappear ,as well as object they were affixed to - The most impressive theft of a poster - We went back in ten hours and the Building it had been posted on was Gone, rubble !

  2. I'm guilty of taking one poster, which I still have in my collection. I don't even remember where I saw them play for that show, but I liked what I heard, then never saw anything more about them and that was it. Will have to download this and re-check them out.