Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guardians of American Morality - (1987-1993?)

Molly Belle - Vocals
Stacey Belle - Bass
Jerome Berryhill - Guitar
Mark O. Howerton - Vocals
Randy "Red" Longneck - Drums and backing vocals
Johnny Mustang (aka Barley) - Guitar and vocals

The Guardians of American Morality seemed to be the Max's house band in the late 80's. I think they played at the Vet's Club a lot too. I remember seeing their posters all over town - "The Guardians of American Morality, putting the Count back in Country!" which I thought was pretty funny especially in light of the overall conservative nature of Eugene. I think this was the band's only release, anyone know for sure?

The Guardians of American Morality - God's Country (7" EP, 1989)

1. Las Vegas Neon
2. My Boy Elvis
3. Polaroid Spread Shots
4. Rope 'N' Ride


Mark O. Howerton - Vocals
Molly Belle - Vocals
John Barley - Lead Guitar
Jerome Berryhill - Guitar
Larry Blum - Steel Guitar
Pete Christie - Bass (Lead Vocal on Cold Blue Steel)
Michael Miller - Drums

I think most of us who would have an interest in this blog are well aware of who the Guardians were and also how hilarious. Jerome was kind enough to send me this two track cassette which contains no live material despite the title. Not sure if these were ever actually released or if it was just a tape passed amongst friends but the tracks are well recorded and this would have been a fine follow-up to the debut e.p. Jerome also sent along the poster above which just about anyone who was around at the time ought to remember. My Guardians posts truly would never have been complete without the poster so I'd like to send a huge THANK YOU to Jerome for that and the cassette. Be sure to drink heavily while you listen to these tracks!

The Guardians of American Morality - Live at the Oregon State Prison (1997)

1. Cold Blue Steel (against my head)
2. Rope and Ride


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