Monday, May 27, 2013

Dead Girlfriend - S/T (Cassette Only, 1995)

Ryder Greene - Bass
Cindy - Guitar/Vocals
Gordon - Drums

Here is some punk rock courtesy of Dead Girlfriend, a band I don't know a ton about even though I knew Ryder reasonably well back in the day. I think this tape came out in '94 or '95 and I believe the band played at Icky's a number of times. Cindy was one of a few Wisconsin transplants who had moved to Eugene around this time. I believe this was the band's only release, will hit up Ryder for more info.

Dead Girlfriend (1995)

1. Out My Way Punk
2. Fortress
3. Broken Dream
4. Road Trip
5. Run
6. Waves
7. Get Out
8. Log Home




  2. my old band opened for D.G. in Salem. will dig through my archives, might still have some flyers.