Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Bubba - Spank Your Wanker! (Cassette Only, 1995)

Mike - Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Randy (R.I.P.) - Drums

Here' s another release I know next to nothing about. I think Big Bubba were part of the Icky's Teahouse thing but others could speak with much more authority on the subject since this was released a bit after my time in Eugene. I know Randy was also in Chemakill, guess I'll post something by them soon too. Thanks to Gordon of Divine Plague for sending this my way!

Big Bubba - Spank Your Wanker! (1995)

1. Drunk Again
2. Spank Your Wanker
3. Kicked Out
4. Suck the Tit
5. Manson Girls
6. Good Puss
7. There Is No God
8. No Excuse
9. Farm Night
10. All My Hate
11. I'm a Freak
12. Shitty Day
13. Girl Punk


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  1. there is at least one 7inch as well. Big Bubba played salem at least once, probably with either Skitsliver or CSG. all i remember is my girlfriend hating this band because of the song “her ass tastes like shit”.