Friday, May 3, 2013

t minus ten - tea with the telepaths e.p. (Pulp Plastic, 1989)

Al Larsen - Vocal, Guitar
Mike Johnson - Guitar
Robert Christie - Drums

t minus ten was probably more a fun weekend in Olympia than a band, don't think they ever played live. The record surfaced sometime in 1989 meaning it was probably recorded in '87 or '88. Al sings all the songs, sorta sounds like Some Velvet Sidewalk with Mike adding a lead track over the top. Some Velvet Snakepit?

t minus ten - tea with the telepaths e.p.

1. drag
2. hope
3. shipwreckin'
4. ain't it



  1. Not to be a completist but where's "From Vegas To Memphis"?

  2. Hey Rammed, waiting on the original engineer of "From Vegas to Memphis" for a long-promised remaster before it gets posted. It'll happen eventually though! You aren't by any chance Scott Adamo are you? Either way, you don't happen to have the Zombie Toolshed demo do you? Mine disappeared many years ago and it's one I've been trying to replace.

  3. Snakepit photo album: