Friday, May 3, 2013

The White Liberals - Cat Behavior 12" e.p. (Solid Citizens Records, 1985)

Michael Billings - Vocals/Guitar
Brent Bosworth - Guitar/Background Vocals
Doug Wilson - Keyboards/Background Vocals
Joji Nagata - Bass
Chris Gould - Horn/Background Vocals
Dave O'Toole - Alto Sax
Tom Pettit - Drums

Finally posting the While Liberal's only release (?) at least the only one I'm aware of. This was the local vinyl I was aware of courtesy of the huge display at Earth River Records at the time of release. Don't know much about the history of the band, hopefully Mr. Billings will share some details. Anyone have any live recordings or any other material to supplement these 5 tracks?

The White Liberals - Cat Behavior

1. Shame On Me
2. Liberals
3. Sport of Kings
4. Mundane
5. Cat Behavior