Sunday, August 21, 2011

13th St. Revisited (Cassette Compiliation, 1990)

This third cassette only compilation in the 13th St. series was the first released by Disgraceland Recordings. The tape came out in 1990 and was put together by Brett Morse, Patrick Yonally and Jeff Cellers. Dunghill was working on a third 13th St. compilation at the time and decided to throw in the towel. They gave Disgraceland the tapes they'd collected up to that point and wished us luck.

13th St. Revisited (1990)

1. Sport of Kings - Michael Billings
2. Santa Monica - The Davenports
3. The Golden Dagger - Christopher Cook
4. Long Distance - George Lane
5. Post - Willy Vlautin
6. People Believe - Uncle Charlie
7. 7/26/1989 - Agrosoul
8. Dog - Steve Nordby
9. Double-You - Patrick Yonally
10. Robot Square Dance - Dogwater
11. Say It's So - Snakepit
12. Blue/Driving - Now William
13. Spread the Love - Prairie School
14. Flying Pig - Infradig
15. Dog - Oswald Five-O
16. On Track - Mike Johnson
17. Alien - Mona Lisa Overdrive
18. Sing For Your Soul - Superchrist
19. Teenage Brain Surgeon - The Cherry Poppin' Daddies
20. Name of the Game - The Black Dahlias
21. Don't Crowd Me - The Falling Spikes
22. Sick and Tired (Sans You) - Dead River


  1. um yep I still have this one. On a side note, I remember the dogwater boys when they were practising in Darren Bakers garage, ah those days!

  2. Say, any chance of a re-post? I'd love to hear an early version of Mike's "On Track."


  3. Hey Mike, all the links should work but you can also find this version of "On Track" on the blog post for Mike's solo tape.

  4. Thanks a lot Panicon13th, I'm not sure how I missed that particular post.

  5. This site is great! Dead River borrowed my husband's bass to make their CD. Do you mind if I leave a link to this blog on the Lane County Historical Society's Facebook page?