Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Black Dahlias (1990-1992)

The Black Dahlias were around for 3 years or so having been founded by Patrick Yonally, Brett Morse and myself back in 1990. Marshall, the band's drummer was added in the first couple of weeks. The original lineup only managed to record to 4-track and I'm doing a public service not posting anything I played guitar and sang on in this band because that stuff was not good. After a couple of years the band finally hit a real studio and recorded these six tracks of which only two showed up on actual releases. King of the Wheel was on a Dave Clark 5 tribute comp (I think) and Sometimes was on the Eugene cassette comp. Slaughter on 13th. This is the first post for a Patrick Yonally project and I have enough of his stuff to justify it's own separate blog.

Black Dahlias- Studio Demos (1992)
1. I'm Not Invisible
2. Everywhere I Go
3. Sometimes
4. Topsy Jane
5. I Know Why
6. King of the Wheel


Here is an additional collection of unreleased 4-track demos. Eugene Saunders was in the band at this point playing guitar. Not sure if Eugene or Patrick were moving to organ for some of the tracks. While certainly not the best recorded, this is how I remember the band sounding.

Black Dahlias 4-Track Demos (1991)

1. Everywhere I Go
2. Topsy Jane
3. Radio Shades
4. I'm Not Invisible
5. Cry
6. Santa Monica


I know a ton of live material and video footage exists. I'll try and raid the Patrick Yonally archives soon.

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